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    Its a Paradox Summer

    We keep building some of the most extraordinary bikes, that can and will change the game. Summer is loading and more and more riders choose to start riding their bikes. Enduro bikes, Downhill bikes (and not only) can now be converted to a powerful e-bike. In our website you may find all of our Paradox […] More

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    Superlight E-Moped by Joseph Rajakaruna

    Take a minute to notice the world around you and experience the joy of open air riding. The Super light E-Moped bridges the gap from bicycle to road. The road capable lightweight e-moped is built to enjoy the benefits of electric power and pedaling. The lightweight frame wraps around the 21″ fat tires and creates […] More

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    Electric Motorcycle Ethec Built By Zurich Students Offers 400 km Range

    Its great to see another electric motorcycle built by students, that can compete and offer more than many mass-produced electric motorcycles! Ethec electric motorcycle video and introduction to Zurich university The focus projects at ETH Zurich gives students a unique opportunity to experience the complete development of a product. Objavljuje ethec u 15. listopada 2017 From […] More

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    GLORIA electric motorcycles are fashionable answer to Emoto Trends

    GLORIA FACTORY ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES Gloria electric motorcycle company is a part of “Jambon-Beurre” company. Their vision for electric motorcycles in France is innovative as their business plan. WHY GLORIA FACTORY ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES? What is the business model behind the new company?   After 4 years running “Jambon-Beurre” Custom Motorcycle Workshop, we realized that motorcycle market […] More

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    Tech Details of OPTIBIKE Carbon R15C e-bike

    The Elite Series R15C will have a removable battery!With the battery removed from the left side, it is easy to access...

    Objavljuje Optibike Electric Bicycle Company25. travnja 2018

    Final OPTIBIKE CARBON R15 E-bike design is finished. While we wait for OPTIBIKE to give us real photographs of first manufactured R15 E-bike, these are the specifications of 13.900 USD carbon cross e-bike Detailed Specifications on the New Carbon R15C e-bike The Elite Series R15C will have a removable battery!With the battery removed from the […] More

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    Custom Vintage Ebike by Park Road Bikes

    Liner concept of e-bike. Park Road design

    There is long time we wasn't share the news...We was a lot of travel to find perfect ways to build this electric bicycle in mass production... Keep in touch to find out more information.We promise to share the newscheck out our video of our concept, there will be some options in mass production bicycle

    Objavljuje Park Road. Manufacture of custom bikes with delivery to Europe u 15. ožujka 2018

    Park Road bikes have a new custom vintage ebike project for Forsage! We just released an article about their custom electric tricycle,only to find out that there are more electric goodies from this company on their Facebook page! Check this out: Liner concept of e-bike. Park Road design There is long time we wasn't share […] More

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    Incredible Custom Electric Tricycle By Park Road Bike Company

    electric-tricycle electric bicycle ebike electric vehicle

    Many custom electric tricycle, electric bike, electric motorcycle projects have been featured on Evnerds. Some of this electric vehicles deserved a spot on this online magazine not because they are perfect; but because they have some special story behind them, or we thought it is the time to spread the word about unknown builder to […] More

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    The story of Thor Trucks

    Welcome to Thor...⚡️ #thortrucks #thegarage #electrictruck

    A post shared by Thor Trucks (@thortrucks) on

    We barely ever get interested in any kind of trucks or truck design, even if they are electric. There are so many limitations in truck design, that it is very hard for us to get excited about this world. A few days ago we stumbled on Thor Trucks on Instagram, and we knew at that […] More

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    My first EUC


    Thanks Gotway MCMv4, you had taught me better balance in life, independence, and taking life at speed. You are an electric 800watt powered stallion. You were a wild bronco when I first got you and killed my legs and feet muscles. But as got stronger your power was tamed. I love you and I hate […] More

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