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Powerful e-bike in Los Angeles CorbinFiber store

Where can u buy the most powerful e-bike with lots of stylish elements?

We’ve all seen some serious powerful e-bike frames and electric bikes, but not so many with good looks and quality!


Corbinfiber facebook page

Corbin Keegan is a Diy builder and an e-bike store owner in Los Angeles. His e-bikes are fancy and powerful without unnecessary details. They are custom-built with premium parts. The power of this bikes are from 1kw – whatever power u want ( 20 kW ? why not ).

His builds are Hot rod e-bikes ready for the race track.

U have all seen this video of fast 2 wheel hub motor drive. It’s also CorbinFiber built e-bike

Or this video, where u can see for yourself that this really is one of the worlds fastest e-bike store in L.A.


Some of his previous works include this awesome bamboo frame e-bike

We want to show his latest e-bike called Aldebaran built with QS205 motor and racetrack tires

It resembles historic design of vintage racing motorcycles

historic design

Ones we get CorbinFiber to send us some more information, we will write full scope on this bikes. Before that, u can just enjoy the photos and be amazed by builds

Posted by Corbinfiber Electricycles on 19. kolovoza 2017

Can’t say this e-bike doesn’t have the looks, right?


Details on this thing are amazing

The 2018 CORBINFIBER Aldebaran

Posted by Corbinfiber Electricycles on 22. lipnja 2017


Posted by Corbin Keegan on 5. srpnja 2017

Check out CorbinFiber at facebook

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