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Tempus Ebike

Tempus Ebike CRT1

Why Tempus Ebike ?

Long story short:  Because it is a regular Ebike with vintage look. We love it because it is a smart move by Canadian Tempus electric bike company to make an affordable Ebike without electric vehicle revolution mumbo jumbo talk. Its a hub motor based ebike with powerfull but cheap components. This means hub motor instead of middrive ( less maintenance ), simple Bms, simple battery and so on. Nowdays Ebike companies are trying to make an Ebike sound and look like a Space rocket machine system. Seeing a company that sticks to basics (in terms of design, components and marketing talk) is something we respect. Seeing a company developing this kind of Ebike and to bringing it on a market for 2,999.99 USD – THATS JUST AWESOME !

Their Kickstarter campaign just finished and we congratulate them on their success

Ceo Speaking:


About Tempus Ebike Company

Tempus Electric Bikes is an electric bicycle startup founded by two twenty-year-old entrepreneurs based in Toronto, Ontario. Ikenna Ofoha and Xavier Chan have been working for the last two years to date to bring their first e-bike to the market: A truly unique electric bike called the CRT1. What makes their bike so special is that it is modeled after a vintage motorcycle, making it the first of its kind.

The idea was conceived in 5 years ago, when Ikenna built his first electric . Since then, he has been in love with electric bikes, and design.

Fast-forward to July 2015, when Ikenna and Xavier decided that their first product would be an electric bike with a distinct vintage inspired design. Tempus was started in their tiny apartment with no money, and a dream. Since then, they have built and tested 4 prototypes in their apartment, and are upgrading their workspace to bring these beautiful bikes to the market. Their first production run will be delivered this October.

Ikenna and Xavier’s story of how they started their company is inspiring, but what’s really amazing is they do it. The two are driven by design, and the love of anything fast.

The thrill of riding an e-bike is one of those things that you can’t explain until you’ve actually done it. For one person, the thrill might come from the nostalgia of going bike riding as a kid, with a little more speed. We can’t tell you what exactly makes an e-bike so much fun, but this is why we ride: Between feeling the wind like you’re in a convertible with no doors, being able to weave through traffic ever so smoothly, or feeling the instantaneous acceleration when you hit the throttle, every time we ride is just as exhilarating.Our goal is not to build just another e-bike, but to share the thrill of riding one with as many people as we can. We have a passion for innovation, design, and performance. The never-ending pursuit of it is what drives us and our company.


The bike is also nothing short of impressive. It is built with high quality parts, and is one of the better bikes on the market in terms of getting what you pay for. To bring together the vintage motorcycle design, the CRT1 includes front and rear LED lights.

Aside from looking good, these lights are also extremely useful, and makes riding in low visibility much safer. Another thing that the CRT1 features is dual crown front suspension. Though it adds a little extra weight and cost, this makes riding more comfortable, and allows you to ride over bumps seamlessly.

The CRT1 is also built with high quality metal tubing. Using aluminum tubing like most other e-bike companies is prone to snapping under immense torque. Tempus uses aircraft grade chromoly steel, to ensure the integrity of their frames no matter how aggressive your riding style.

Many e-bike companies out there tend to boost their specs (range and speed). They may say that their bike take you some ridiculous distance, while that may be on an extremely conservative ride, with a 135 lb rider pedaling hard the entire time. The battery on the CRT1 is 52V 17Ah, which is definitely one of the bigger batteries when it comes to e-bikes. Without pedaling, it will get you 4 km while you’re cruising at top speed (45 km/h / 28mph). With moderate pedaling, it will get you 60+ km.



There is no doubt that the two co-founders Tempus are determined to bring their e-bike to the market and are passionate about sharing the thrill of riding an e-bike with the world.

Video of the Ride :



U want to know more about them or order a bike , go here :

Tempus Electric Bikes

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