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Trefecta E-bike is incredible E-bike with Incredible price

We were wondering if the company managed to sell any of their e-bikes for 25.000 EUROS. We like the impressive Dutch design, so we surfed to check out if any sales were done. Considering that the price of Greyp e-bikes, Stealth e-bikes is twice less; it doesn’t seem that it would be impossible to sell Trefecta that has more premium e-bike parts and performance.We found nothing: no dealers, no buyers bragging around. So it looks like it has become a show bike and probably an e-bike for the Middle East rich private buyers for their luxurious collections.

The only thing that differs from what we said above is this public announcement on facebook :

We have a very interesting announcement a cooperation with Excite Leasing offering our complete range of eBikes for leasing or hire purchase starting in the Swiss market.

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It seems that we are wrong and that there is a small production run for Swiss, but it is probably a beta test for International market.

Everybody knows that the price is big and that the prototype was revealed 3 years ago. But whats going with them today. Recent videos and pictures show carefully and noninvasive marketing of the E-bike. They appeared in Photonics Ultimate Forces Challenge at July

It’s the last day before the finals ?️‍♀️ on a beautiful Bali mountain bike course ?‍♀️ During the first challenge they will need to navigate, ride and hold this beast of an electric ⚡️Trefecta Mobility bike⚡️ to win the challenge.Watch #PhotonisUFC episode 13 tonight 9.25 pm (CET) on INSIGHT at and Sky 564.

Posted by Insight on 11. srpnja 2017

PUFC Trefecta Challenge Bali

The Ultimate Forces Challenge, a great event we are proud to have supported with our Trefecta DRT.Enjoy the small video with some take outs of the event on the beach in Bali.

Posted by Trefecta Mobility on 26. srpnja 2017

They also appeared in June with thisTrefects Black Squad E-bikes here

Posted by Bordeaux Sete 334 on 2. lipnja 2017

Other than that we have nothing. But we will dig further and ask the owners what are their plans for future

While you wait for it, check some of their previous videos and pictures

Trefecta Ebike

Trefecta Ebike

BBC Test the Trefecta ebike reivew

Trefecta Intro

Want to know even more. Trefecta is here

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