DC-Tri: The Stand-Up Scooter or Standing Electric tricycle

Shred with this uniquely designed, high-quality, eco-friendly electric stand-up e-bike that hits up to 15mph

Dc-Tri is an interesting Standing Scooter Concept very useful in everyday commute

DC-Tri is a company dedicated to making life more simple in everyday commute. Their secret lies in simplicity. It’s just useful, you can go fishing with it, play golf, deliver pizza, or send your lady to buy groceries that she can put between this standing scooter and herself. This are just some random ideas. Read below for more cool tech info and usage ideas

If your weekend is looking anything like this then you're doing something right. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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We should start from the beginning, but we will not

First, we are going to show you last future planned model by this Australian company.

A model for disabled people is the concept we like the most. A wheelchair accessible model is being optimised currently so that those with disabilities can still ride with their friends easily. This features a larger platform with adjustable handlebars. High five for making these DC-Tri!

scooter for disabled


The DC-Tri is innovation in personal transportation

The fully electric tricycle was conceptualized by a builder, Dal Seale, and an electrician, Chris O’Neill and has been prototyped for the last 2 years until the optimising to the final design now seen.

The Crew

dc tri crew

The trike

The trike is completely electric, driven by the front wheel. The thumb throttle controls the acceleration and speed of the e-trike, with 5 speed settings programmed into the software so that maximum speeds can be adjusted. The trike can travel at a top speed of 15 mph (25km/h) and has a range of 30 miles (50km) per battery charge. The batteries are fast charging, taking only 4 hours from flat to 100% charge. The batteries are also interchangeable allowing for a greater ride distance and the flexibility to recharge on or off the bike.

electric tricycle

Each trike is individually handmade to ensure the best craftsmanship. Their team is made up of some of the best bike mechanics, engineers and metal workers globally to ensure the best quality for the best price. Designed and prototyped in Australia, a production facility in Taiwan has been established for large scale production. Taiwan, if u didn’t know has the best bike production quality

dc trike

The DC-Tri features a LED backlight display screen. The screen shows speed, distance traveled, distance until battery recharge required, top speed, etc..

electric bike led

Below are some of the main trike components:

Brakes: Tektro Disc Brakes
Motor: Bafang 200 Watt brushless

Forks: DNM Shock Fork
Tyres: Maxxis 26”

Frame: Chromoly

The frame is lightweight and strong (24kg) and can be easily transported on your standard bike frame. Designed so that no balance input is required, any person is able to ride it with ease and stability even if they have no bike riding ability or experience. A trike can carry a maximum weight of 260lb (118kg). A zero degree turning circle allows for tight maneuvers. The DC-Tri commuter model is optimised for riding in cities but can be taken off-road easily.

The DC – Tri has a multitude of uses for a various demographics. These include:


  • Business Commuting – no more having to wait for public transport, paying expensive parking fees or arriving sweaty and fatigued to the workplace.
  • University – arrive on time to lectures. Be able to carry all your textbooks without struggle
  • Elderly – faster and more versatile than a mobility scooter. Carry groceries, ride bikes with grandchildren etc
  • Hire Companies/Resorts
  • Drifting
  • Parents
  • Children/Teenagers
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts

The DC-Tri also has a number of attachments

A tow bar allows for carrying fishing gear, kayaks and golf bags. There is also an optional safety wheel that can be attached at the rear to prevent tipping. The more adventurous can also use this as a wheelie bar. Drift sleeves can be used to turn the trike into a drifting machine. Simply slip them over the rear wheels, these are made of a high-end polymer which optimises the friction levels. These should last a year with constant drifting (subject to use).

Electric Drifting – We really really like this feature !

electric drift

Crazy mode: ON



The Makers

Price – Check the details at their KICKSTARTER

U can still get it at this prices – 7 days to go

trike price


It’s Simple, smart, fun, useful. Their Kickstarter price is a good bargain, so hurry if u want to buy cheaper

Check more at DC-Tri homepage

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