Gotway Msuper V3 1600WH

Gotway Msuper3 1600WH 84V,Life 150KM+, the maximum speed of 55KM/H, the fastest

The MSuper v3 model is the next gen iteration of the successful v2 which was the performance lead for more than one year. Electronics and external & internal design were sponsored a complete overhaul.

  • Key technology upgrade on this 5th gen MSuper v3 is the migration to a 12 MOSFETs architecture allowing for higher peak power and better heat dissipation. Internal electronics arrangement has been completely reworked utilizing the pedal arms as heat sinks. The redesign guides heat out of the frame efficiently while making the overall case better protected from water and dust.
  • With a max speed of more than 25 mph the Gotway MSuper v3 even supersedes the new records set by its recent 16 inches ACM model release. The previous generation 70 Ampere cap was opened in this version unleashing burst powers that grant breath-taking acceleration.
  • 18 inches wheels are also known for their driving comfort: large wheel diameter smoothens the ride and allows taking obstacles of a couple of inches height easily. The sacrifice of an 18 inches unicycle was weigth and size. Gotway managed to provide a slick narrow design much less bulky than its precedessor MSuper v2.
  • High weight is annoying for carrying but has advantages in driving experience lowering the overall point of gravity. Gotway sponsored this v3 a handle bar to conveniently pull it whenever you don’t drive.
  • Safety becomes a bigger topic at high speeds. The MSuper v3 features a triple acoustic warning signal system at increasing speeds. Also side-tilt beyond 45° and voltage drop warnings enhance your safety. Beginners can set a max speed pedal tilt and increase driving hardness by app. But safety also comes from having ample power and battery reserves. With 64 Lithium cells there is enough milage for extended tours and still good power at low battery levels.
  • Anybody ever suffered feet fatigue from Asian size pedals? That’s over. Gotway sponsored the MSuper v3 large, wide pedals with great anti-skid surface contributing greatly to driving comfort at longer rides and provide a better control which you will want at these speeds. A relatively high pedal height of almost 6 inches allows full off-road driving and allows tight circling.
  • Additional features are a bright front LED and a multi-segment battery indicator LED. A USB port allows charging mobile phones or other peripherals.
  • Connect by the iOS/Android Gotway App to check speed, distance, voltage and set up driving parameters (max speed pedal tilt, warning noises, axis calibration, driving smoothness).


INCREDIBLE Product specifications

  • Dimensions 18.1 x 8 x 15 inches
  • 5.8 inches pedal height
  • 18 inches wheel diameter
  • 43 lbs weight
  • Motor 60 Volt 1500 Watt (3000 Watt max)
  • Battery 680 / 820 Wh LiIon (Panasonic / Sanyo)

    Msuper3 1600WH 84V,RANGE: 150KM+

  • 4-5 hours charging time (75% in 2 hours)
  • Max load 220 lbs
  • Max speed 25+ mph (depends on drivers weight & roard condition)
  • Driving range Up to 30 (680 Wh) / 37.5 (820 Wh) miles (130 lbs test driver, no slope, 70°F)

Videos :

Nice review by Tishawn Fahie

Gotway speed

About Gotway company

Gotway or Kebye

KEBYE is a high-tech company ,located in Shenzhen ,one and half hour ride from Hongkong ,half an hour from Shenzhen airport .

GotWay is one of our famous products .Gotway is an electric unicycle(ewheel),which has high speed ,high power .It generates more force than common electric unicycle ,which means it has more reduency power ,and it is increase the safety of riding .Gotway includes M0,M5,Mten(stop produciton),MCM series,and Msuper .

On Oct15,Gotway released its newest model MCM4 .

GotWay products have been certified CE,RoHS,KC,FCC etc.

1.What certificates does GotWay have ?

CE ,RoHS,MSDS,UN38.3,FCC,KC etc.

2.How far away does a GotWay go once full charge?

It depends on battery capacity .For example ,for a 680Wh MCM4 ,it’s roughly 68KM(usually one tenth of battery capacity for electric unicycle products).The real range is affected by

many factors like rider’s weight ,road condition ,temperature .

3.How fast does a GotWay ?

There are two types of speed for an electric unicycle ,one is “cut-off” speed,usually called max speed .It usually happens when reaching the max efficiency of motor or the max battery output .

The other is “max speed “for safe and comfortable riding .Every unicycle has its limit,once reaching its limit ,it will falls ,so as the rider on it.Thus ,GotWay has set three alarms on its unicycle .The first speed alarm will happens on 23KPH on MCM4-LS.  1-23KPH is safe and comfortable riding speed .On ACM ,its first grade alarm is 30KPH.

4.Why MCM4-LS and MCM4-HS(both 800W) have different max speed ?

It is like the 1shift and 4 shift on your car .The previous has good torque ,good for climbing .The latter one has more speed .Each one has its advantages.

5.Does GotWay has ios APP ?

Yes .Please search “gotway” on APP store .

6.Do you provide trolley(handle bar) for each unicycle?

Trolley is not standard accessory ,but we can supply quality trolley for our products.

7.What battery does GotWay use ?How’s the battery life ?

Panasonic battery cell  imported from Japan . Its cycles is over 1000 times (1000 releasing ,1000 charging).It can usually be used over 3 years.

8.Why do you use this battery cell ?

Unicycle is a special product ,which needs constant high battery output because road condition is different .This characteristic makes a high output and stable battery necessary .

9.Who design your controlling system ?Can you make different speed setting?

GotWay has its own software engineers.Company provides services for different speed ,different range,different LED colors setting service.

10.Is maintenance necessary for GotWay ?

Like other battery products ,it needs to be charged at least one time every three months to protecting battery from damaging .

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