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Ninebot S2 Batman electric unicycle

Ninebot S2 Batman electric unicycle just raised enough money on JD to start selling to Batman fans

Ninebot is a smart company considering the upcomming movie; they have made a customized BATMAN Ninebot S2 version crowdfunded on JD.COM ( CHINA CROWDFUNDING)


The appearance of the vehicle is in black design with BATMAN logo and text- Kind off a Batman night scene related. Position on the right side of the body is also printed with the image of bat wings unfold.

The main body of material using a polycarbonate resin PC material, simple design cool.

The pedal down as Batman with open wings, with BATMAN words and the image of the bat body and very compelling.

Power key is located at the position of the vehicle side, the vehicle body beneath the front handle.

Underbody against the pedal to open the aperture portion of the battery, the surface having a rectangular rubber pad, with the words BATT.OPEN above.

Tires, they use DURO tires. Wheel set 14 inch diameter, tire width of 2.125 inches. Weight-bearing pressure of about 210-350KPa (minimum of 30PSI (pounds / square inch), maximum support 50PSI). Pump nozzle located on an inner rim, made of copper.


If u want to know more, learn some chinese and go to JD.COM

All pictures here are from Ninebot company



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