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Neematic Ebike price

Neematic FR/1 Ebike price is 8000 USD plus VAT and Shipping

Neematic FR/1 Ebike is finally available for purchase

After its first appearance at Intermot 2016, Neematic FR/1 is now available for
reservations. The first series of FR/1 model, limited to 50 bikes, will be shipped worldwide
mid 2018.

First lets start with some awesome Neematic FR1 features  :

Neematic team has developed the ultimate machine for the emerging high-performance
ebike segment. With immense 15 kW peak power (280Nm), mid-drive motor, and a total weight of
52 kg (115 lbs) the FR/1 hits that sweet spot where extreme dirt biking meets bicycle


As a reflection of its position between motorcycle and bicycle worlds, the FR/1 comes
with both throttle twist and super pedal-assist modes.

Riders will be able to reach top speeds of 80 km/h (50 mph), and enjoy up to a 100 km
(60 miles) range with a single charge. The FR/1 first series will be equipped with a large
removable 2.2 kWh Li-ion battery, and utilise only top-notch components – such as Fox
2017 shocks, Hope tech3 V4 brakes, Pinion drive and DMR pedals

Our team is thrilled to be able to bring FR/1 to the public. This bike delivers a massive
280 Nm torque at the wheel, and best in class suspension, which is made possible by
our unique mid-drive frame design.
The FR/1 stands at the forefront in terms of design, engineering and performance, and
we would not have achieved this without the support of our fans, investors and
world-class advisors

– Domas Zinkevicius, Co-founder and Chief Engineer

NEEMATIC is experienced best on forest trails and suburban dirt. It has been built to offer
off-road fun without the hassle of maintenance – riders can keep their FR/1 at home,
transport it easily on a bicycle rack, and quickly charge it when and where they need
using the removable battery.


Neematic ebike price :

The first 50 models are now available for a discounted EUR 8000 before taxes, and you
can now secure the Neematic FR/1 with a EUR 200 deposit from the brand new
neematic website.


Full Specs:


80 km/h max speed
52 kg curb weight
Up to 100 km range


15 kW max power
Twist throttle and pedal assist modes
9 speed Pinion gearbox for pedaling
2.2 kWh capacity
Li-ion cells
Easy to remove and replace
Tubular frame
Fox shocks
203 mm front travel
200 mm rear travel
Hope tech3 v4
203mm rotor diameter
Adjustable regenerative braking
26″ front wheel
24″ rear wheel
Adjustable bicycle seat
LCD display

 FOR A 2.2 kwh battery, and a 15 kw electric motor. That alone is enough to justify Neematic Ebike Price – EvNerds

Story about Neematic Ebikes 

Neematic was launched in 2015 with the backing of Practica Capital, a venture capital
fund. The engineers behind the bike, Domas and Linas, leverage 12 years of experience
in electric bicycle development and race suspension engineering.
The Startup is advised by top industry executives – Hannes Haunschmid (Management
Board at Pierer Industrie AG (KTM), Tapio Hedman (CEO, Erweko, former Nokia
executive for branding), Raimo Mansikkaoja (SVP at Sentury Tire North America) and
Niels Peter Pretzmann (Chairman of the Board at Baltik vairas).




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