First true hybrid aircraft by Faradair

First true hybrid aircraft

Neil Cloughley formed Faradair with a vision to create a new type of hybrid aircraft, with intention to finish the work started by his father

After 12 years in the commercial aerospace sector and some 25 years later, Neil Cloughley formed Faradair.

But this is not just a personal family story, this is also about the ability to form a company that tackles the biggest problems faced by aviation today – noise, emissions & cost of operations. It is also about a market opportunity that has been forgotten, primarily due to these two problems and also ‘costs’. The 50 seat regional jet has not been a successful model of local air transport and the value of prime airport landing and take off slots, is resulting in an ever greater need to pack more people into every slot or to move regional/national flights to nearby alternative airfields.

This will require aircraft that are quiet, economical to operate and low emissions capable and whilst the ‘all electric’ future air transport opportunity will happen, the opportunity today is for hybrid aircraft to begin the competition with road and rail as a viable form of regional transportation.

Unlike many start-up’s with fanciful dreams of creating 100 seat aircraft within five years, Faradair has established it’s foundations properly, via the help and fantastic service of law firm Veale Wasbrough Vizards. Protection of IP, registration of Trademark and partner agreements that all provide a solid base from which the company operates, Faradair is better prepared than many new companies to face the market and to attract investors.

By the end of 2016, Faradair had won two business awards and secured initial angel investment, adding key personnel to the team to enable the continued growth and prototype development timeline. Faradair Aerospace Limited has established a fantastic set of global brand partners, completing the initial phase of growth and development and it has now begun the final aircraft design optimisation and propulsion development.

Faradair has presented at numerous International conferences throughout 2015 and 2016, forging its position as the UK’s leading hybrid aircraft development programme.


hybrid aircraft
hybrid aircraft

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