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FSX Zero motorcycle modification Kit looks better than Original Zero

We can’t stop smiling. Italian company took FSX Zero motorcycle frame and made a design kit that looks better than the original bike in so many ways! See for yourself

fsx zero motorcycle

fsx zero motorcycle

Text Bellow was translated from Italian, so don’t expect magic


LAZERO was inspired by retro and vintage lines, but then, comparing ourselves with more electric identity, giving this address also to our brand……..

The challenge was: “Making what was already beautiful, what was already performing, more beautiful”. It is precisely in front of this proof that more people have wanted and been able to commit themselves, each one sharing with the team their professional excellence, to achieve a common goal: LaZERO.

The responsibility of giving this project a productive continuity was taken by Officina Elettrica Italiana, a reality born from the will of Stefano Ferretti and his partner to demonstrate that today it is already possible to use vehicles driven by electric motors.

The side and front covers are designed to give the owner the opportunity to further modify the appearance of the bike. Different colors, different finishes, different materials: the out-of-series becomes standard for us and the bike takes on a characteristic that only the chameleons have. – By AMPEREAME

Motor Bike Expo concluso.Siamo contenti.La ragazza si è comportata molto bene.@eleonoraleviminzi

Posted by AMPEREame on 22. siječnja 2018

We couldn’t figure out if they this is just an exhibition piece, or some styling kits will be offered in the future

Link to Original text

Link to AMPEREame Italian fb page

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