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Curtiss Hades Electric Motorcycle is Designed by Nesbitt

Curtiss motorcycles continue to shock the motorcycle and electric motorcycle world with their Zeus, Zeus V8 and now the Hades electric motorcycle. Nesbitt is best known for his breathtaking Confederate Wraith design. He joined again the company’s design team last year. In about one year, Nesbitt designed and developed the Hades two-wheeled electric motorcycle from his studio in New Orleans.

Hades powertrain is still being optimized, but so far Curtiss estimates power output of 217HP and 147 lb-ft of immediate torque. Battery capacity will be 16.8 kWh with a system running on 399V.

Hades Electric Motorcycle First Renders

Hades Electric motorcycle by Curtiss

Hades Electric motorcycle Curtiss design

Curtiss Hades electric motorcycle

Curtiss Motorcycles


Zeus – designed by Jordan Cornille

zeus v8 electric motorcycle

Zeus V8 Electric Motorcycle

The company recently launched an equity crowdfunding campaign through WeFunder to accelerate production of its innovative battery electric motorcycles. Curtiss CEO and Chairman Matt Chambers said, “We’re grateful for the 150+ visionaries that have joined us so far as we lead the growing premium all-electric motorcycle market.” The company stated that its goal is to uplift to either NASDAQ or the upcoming Long Term Stock Exchange (LTSE). The current equity campaign closes on July 31, 2019. For more information, visit here

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