Electric motorbike inspired by Japan

Electric motorbike inspired by Japan

The great Japan electric motorbike

electric motorbikeElectric motorbike ” THE GREAT JAPAN” is a project from Behance. The project is designed and engineered by two people: Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko. It is an exploration of minimalism in the design of an electric motorbike. Words bellow are the explanation of their creativity and inspiration behind the project

The Japanese approach to design has always been original, which is the foundation of culture with its art of origami and the samurai spirit. The simplicity and sense of space and today are recognized in the industrial design of the Japanese brands. But for some reason, this approach is now rarely used in the design of Japanese cars and motorcycles. It felt the impact of the European brands that impose their rules of the game when an inexperienced user cannot tell the Japanese product from the European. It’s time to go back to the roots and make Japan great again! – Vladimir and Artem

Japan minimalism on motorbike – Design explanation

Japan minimalism

The Same shape applied into motorbike design

electric motorbike


electric-motorbike electric-motorbike electric-motorbike


We love the project and small details are our favorite on this electric motorbike. Please check authors portfolio on Behance here

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