Futuristic electric motorcycle concept by Harald Belker

electric motorcycle concept

Harald Belker Electric motorcycle concept from his new book : RIDE

We like the battery open design and rear swingarm.


The field of design combines the talent of an artist, the intuition and awareness of what the future could be, curiosity, and a drive to create and adapt new technologies. RIDE shares the process of complexity of design development. The young and old alike will be inspired by viewing the steps towards creating an object of beauty and innovation.

With this first book in a series of five, Belker introduces his dream of an electric motorcycle with drawings, renderings and 3D models.

Also discussed in RIDE is evolution of transportation: two wheel active hub drive system, 24kwh at 80nm torque, li-ion smart power, two axis adjustable handle bar and fly by wire steering.


electric motorcycle concept

About artist

Spanning decades, Harald’s graphically bold portfolio shows a remarkable range of styles running the gamut from futuristic automotive work to modern sports equipment to furniture, toys and apparel. His inspiration, however, remains constant if simple: addressing the issue at hand. Creative, executionally innovative, and a pleasure to work with — Harald Belker is the complete package

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