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Harley Davidson Livewire-B electric motorcycle frame design

Harley Davidson Livewire-B is a concept and imagination of Harley Davidson original Livewire bike by Luuc Muis. Luuc Muis was already featured in electric motorcycle design section with KTM X and BMW ER80 bike. This time he asked us to publish Harley concept. Since we are in love with conceptual thinking and designers work, it was an easy task for us. These are text and pictures from the author’s original blog


written by Luuc Muis

I thought it would be time for a change for the Softail frames and driveline from the infamous Harley Davidson, who are now focusing on electrical vehicles with their Livewire line. Get rid of the unnecessary structural heavy cubing and massive steel constructions to make way for a more modern approach to motorcycle frame and future driveline.


Based on our basic 7 sense: taste, movement, balance, smell, vision, touch, and hearing. My thoughts on some of these senses are could be linked to certain aspects that make motorcycle riding an experience. Smell of oil and gas, vision of our surrounding going places, touch to textures and heat, movement and balance to speed and handling and hearing as a prime sense to safety since it’s the only sense we have that doesn’t have to place us within direct contact with a situation to have immediate impact (you could say the same for smell but that takes a while). For example, someone could drop a mug of coffee around the office corner and you have an instant reaction and idea of what happened. So why make E-drive silent?

harley davidson electric motorcycle electric motor
New Electrical Livewire Crankcase

Give E-drive the sense of functional sound, the sound to indicate: the engine is on, someone is approaching, acceleration, speed, malfunction (we have all heard the weird ticking noises in our cars at some point). This sound could easily be generated through mechanical principles since it’s nothing else than frequency air displacement.

New design for Harley Davidson 2019 custom Electric Softail

Next to functional sound the memory and movement handling of a regular bike, instead of a one geared E-drive. Ad a gearbox this keeps the experience of doing something with your machine. As well as lowering the load on the electric motor. Basically 8KW at 10kRPM that could approach 120khp a 4kw engine with gearing to approach 120kph at 5kRPM. Less RPM fewer Amps needed, fewer batteries to carry around. It may not be maintenance free implementing a gearbox but adds significant value to riding an electric motorcycle with sound.

Original frame with engine and fork from Milwaukee 8 Harley Davidson 2018 Softail

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