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Introducing the eV-Twin, an all-new electric motorcycle from VEITIS

Veitis eV-Twin Electric Motorcycle Specifications

EvNerds was following VEITIS electric motorcycles projects for months over the media, in close contact with the creator Steve Smith. Some details were not to be given before the test ride. Now that that happened, we can publish all. All information was publicly revealed on Motorcycle Live (The UK’s Biggest Motorcycle Show).

The Road Performance Specs are:

70 Mph top speed

100 Miles Charge Range ( 3h 45 min. for 100% charge )

Eddie Jordan on Veitis Motorcycle

The eV-Twin uses the EV Twin® power train developed by Veitis for greater energy efficiency and enhanced power management. Though the continuous power is limited to 11kw, its peak power isn’t limited and the torque generated results in superb acceleration and a power to weight ratio comparable to a much more powerful bike.

The heart that beats inside the eV-Twin power system is produced by Ashwoods in the UK.
Veitis uses their patented interior permanent magnet (IPM) type motor.

Ashwoods Interior Permanent Magnet Motors

Ashwoods Interior Permanent Magnet AC technology enables the motor to be a third of the size and weight of typical induction and brushed DC motors, while still offering all of the benefits that accompany permanent magnet technology.

With a range of standard and bespoke motors available, Ashwoods Interior Permanent Magnet Motors are integrated into many materials handling, automotive, off-highway and industrial applications. More HERE


The eV-Twin frame


The frame is designed and built by Veitis design team with extensive experience in building race frames for classic race motorcycles as well as Formula 1 components. The eV-Twin’s frame and rear swing arm are constructed from the high tensile 631 tubing range from Reynolds, paired with Ceriani forks that have full damping adjustment, resulting in superior frame and fork performance with classic Veitis styling.

Hand built in britain

The eV-Twin is designed and manufactured in the UK using the finest materials and finishes, combined with the very latest electric motor technology, control and power management systems that are available.

Mike Lewis from talks Veitis

As with an electric car, there’s a strong swell of torque from standstill, which whisks the eV-Twin to a limited top speed of 75mph. This example has the front of the ‘engine’ taped over to protect it from road salt Credit: MIKE LEWIS and

-With middleweight dimensions and less than 360lb mass, plus well-matched brakes and secure handling at all speeds, the bike would suit a well-heeled enthusiast who wants a sporting yet practical zero-emissions two-wheeler, with aesthetic appeal in abundance.

-Full on-board charging takes 3 ¾ hours at 1800W and gives a minimum operating range of 100 miles, while an ingenious component mounting plate/heat sink arrangement permits technological upgrades to take place in situ. Though it might be argued that all this offers limited usability for an outlay of £40,000, the eV-Twin is engineered to provide viable transport long after many more roadside petrol pumps have fallen into disuse.

-In fact, those alloy cases are crammed with state-of-the-art electrical technology. Battery clusters in the upper chambers feed DC power to a controller, which provides 3-phase alternating current to a radial flux motor of the interior permanent magnet (IPM) type, manufactured by Ashwoods in the UK.

-Another pleasant surprise is the useful amount of engine braking available, so that even on damp autumnal roads, this bike is great fun to ride at urban or moderate out-of-town speeds.

-An IEC 62196 Type 2 recharging socket lives beneath the dummy fuel filler cap, and the motor generates recoverable energy during deceleration, transmitted via an inverted-tooth belt drive from the rear wheel

VERDICT Visually outstanding and high in traditional engineering appeal, with impeccable road manners. Excellent reference point for combining old and new technologies that should improve in both range and performance as technology advances.

Please check out the full article here: Mike Lewis from

CREDITS:,Veitis,Motorcycle lady Lauren

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