KTM X FREERIDE E electric motorcycle

Luuc Muis KTM X freeride MX electric bike redesign

You know how sometimes you see an electric motorcycle and instantly imagine other design compositions on the same frame basis. This is exactly what Luuc Muis was thinking when he redesigned the KTM Freeride E electric motorcycle.

As a form study to show that electric motorcycles have factory customizing potential to create a different motorcycle for several uses with the same drivetrain. I decided to take a commercially available E-bike, in this case, a KTM Freeride E and transform it from the MX bike it is to a trail bike inspired by BMX.

Keeping the drivetrain original and front part from the frame. Lowering the front and eliminating the rear suspension, swing arm and side frame support plates. Creating a hardtail short based bike that represents the geometrics of a BMX type trail bike. Adding axle foot pegs, and lowering the position of the regular pegs gives you a lower center of gravity as a rider for tricks and slow riding. Therefore also no fenders to be in the way of wheeling and such. Overall I chose to keep the aesthetic of the bike similar to the original KTM Freeride E making it a factory ready custom application to the same base.

Original KTM freeride bike
ktmx-freeride-e electric motorcycle
Luuc Muis KTM X freeride MX electric bike redesign

Luuc Muis website

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