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LMX 161-H road legal freeride MX bike gets a new LOOK


LMX 161-H CAFE RACER- street version

LMX 161-H built by small French company is a talk of 2017. They successfully finished Indiegogo campaign. LMX 161-H is homologated electric dirtbike with an inexpensive affordable price.
Since they are homologated they want to make a street design version as well. They have made several renders and ideas about how electric cafe racer built by LMX would look like. EvNerds favorite is the first version. If you put your opinion in comments, we guarantee LMX bikes are going to read it, so in a way, if this is your dream bike, you can influence the design.

First design Version LMX 161 H CAFE RACER


Second design Version LMX 161 H CAFE RACER

This first two versions are inspired by cafe racers from the 60s, and sucesfully combine lmx looks with cafe racer details

Third design version

third version lmx bikes

This version is the all-around version that does not appeal only to cafe racer lovers or previous LMX bikes owners. The design is made to satisfy all moto riders. Dirt bike riders will love new dirt guards, and street bike riders will like the new simplified and cool looks that keep the machine parts less visible

more on LMX BIKES here

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