We wish this motorcycle was electric and turned into real one

Mike Hills motorcycle concept we wish it was real and electric

Mike Hill and his awesome motorcycle concept designs

Take a look and be amazed. All of this motorcycle concepts would make a hell of a ride. The battery would fit perfectly in the body, and center engine as a concect spot for front and rear swingarm


mike hill

mike hill



This is Mike’s Bio in his own words :

I’m Mike – I’ve been working in the film and games industry for ten years as a concept artist / 3D modeller / designer / Art Director. In that time I’ve founded and managed an Emmy award winning design studio, Karakter.

In 2013 I left my management responsibilities at the studio to pursue my own interests and studies – amongst them, film design and story theory. I now provide concept art and creative direction as an independent consultant.

To give you a better idea of my services, here is a quote from Ex Naughty Dog, and current Infinity Ward Narrative Director, Taylor Kurosaki:

“Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare wouldn’t be the experience it is without the immeasurable contributions of Mike Hill. Our goal from day one was to put the player in the boots of a military leader, and Mike supported that by creating logical, tactile spaces to occupy. Everything from the carrier Retribution, to the Raven dropship to the Jackal aerospace fighter, were tangible, grounded, authentic, military locations for our players to feel like the commanding officer of hundreds of troops, and a badass tier-1 operator as well”

Mikes website :

Mike Hill

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