NITO Cargo & Share with C+S Electric Scooters In Europe

NITO electric scooter company from Italy, mostly known for manufacturing the fancy designed NES electric scooter has got some more European news to share.

NITO NES electric scooter
NITO NES 4 kW electric scooter

EvNerds is publishing the whole press release from NITO electric scooters:

“Two years after the arrival of the NES scooter on the market, NITO adds the CARGO & SHARE (C + S) to the family of products already available, the work vehicle with which it enters the professional sector.

nito c+s electric scooterA new scooter was designed to combine the maneuverability of two wheels with the load capacity and functionality that this type of vehicle must be equipped with. Inspired by a pick-up, the design of the C+S electric scooter has been developed to ensure greater strength and durability over time, allowing the investment in delivery or sharing company fleets to be paid off over several years.

NITO C+S 3.4 Rear

The power train, already widely tested on the NES scooter, will have an enhanced battery (72V – 35 Ah) to guarantee the carriage of up to 100 kg of goods without any loss in performance even on routes with gradients.

NITO C+S Cargo Up

At the unveiling of the CARGO & SHARE prototype, which will be held next summer, different lines of accessories will also be proposed, designed to satisfy various types of uses, from goods and food delivery to professional service. In this way the NITO range, currently composed of its two scooters, push and electric, and the NES scooter will see the addition of the CARGO & SHARE scooter for which design continues to represent a distinctive element, confirming the combination of style and high performance with which the Turin- the based company pursues its idea of sustainable mobility.

The start of sales and the first deliveries of the new product are expected by the end of 2022.” – NITO BIKES

EvNerds: Sharing scooters are getting traction in Europe, and one of the things that are important for decision-making on the consumer level is the design. Imagine having ten different scooters on the street with the same performance, and you need to choose your ride? What would it be? The ugly, or the fancy one for the same price? That’s where NITO philosophy is.

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