NOVUS electric motorcycle is fully made with carbon fiber. NOVUS will present their electric motorcycle on CES 2019 ( January 8th – January 12th ) in Las Vegas. Novus means new on Latin, and here are the founder’s words:

NOVUS is not just an electric motorcycle. NOVUS is not just a brand. NOVUS is the conviction to be able to create things that do not exist before. NOVUS is committed to continuing where others say it does not work. NOVUS thinks ahead.

novus electric motorcycle

NOVUS electric motorcycle design form is really nice and fluid, and we can see the future add-ons for that empty space in the middle of the frame if this product hits the market.

Novus electric motorcycle is 60 mph bike with 6.2 kW continuous power and 60 miles range

NOVUS did take a lot of time to study the aesthetics of this design, and tried to make something new and different as you can see on the pictures:

led lights
“The LED front light is integrated directly into the stem in the smallest possible space. So it fits in a completely invisible way into the overall picture. The combination of light and stem creates a novel appearance and represents our way of thinking with breaking conventions.”

“The seat with its noble seam is an implicit part of the overall shape and extends from the rear to the cockpit.
The integrated leather start button sits at the point where the tank is located on a conventional motorcycle.”

electric hub motor
“The brushless hub motor transforms the energy of the high-voltage battery into a top speed of 60 mp/h. With a peak power of up to 14 kW, the 200 Nm of torque are converted into forward movement. Wear parts such as chain and clutch are not necessary.”

Novus claims their hub motor has 200 Nm, but we are pretty sure this 205 electric hub motor type tops around 150 Nm even with 45 – 50 mm magnets. Other specs are correct in our opinion.

“The benefits of the connected, digital world make it possible to integrate the smartphone not only as a control and display instrument, but also as a digital key. By eliminating unnecessary hardware, new ideas can be made instantly available.”

electric motorcycle front fork
The specially developed carbon fiber front fork with its central strut blends seamlessly into the design of NOVUS. The adjustable damper hardness and sufficient (suspension) travel ensure a comfortable ride with precise response.

If the price on the website is correct, then this electric motorcycle will cost 39.500 USD + VAT. We really wish NOVUS team success in Las Vegas, but for 39.500 USD….we do not see that happening. We hope we are wrong.

Our news partner got a little bit more details on NOVUS electric motorcycle.

Check out NOVUS bikes website for future updates here

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