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NXT Motors NXT RAGE is priced around 24,950 Euro

After we wrote about NXT electric motorbike,we found out that our friends from electric motorcycles news went to see in real life this Dutch brand. Guy Salens was nice enough to send us the pictures from NXT RAGE and tell us what price can future customers expect from this brand!

Price of around 24,950 Euro sounds expensive, but when you take into consideration that the bike features completely monocoque frame made of carbon fiber and high quality parts, it does not sound so bad at all. This is a luxury bike. For all orders NXT motors gets, planned delivery is June 2019. Performance numbers will be released upon confirmation later on says Electric motorcycles news

NXT RAGE electric motorcycle

Love the way color ends at the lines, and carbon fiber natural color takes over



7 inch display, quliaty suspension, Led lights

We will not publish other details out of courtesy for Electric Motorcycle News who were at the actual event. For all other information, you will have to visit the original source of the story here


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