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SUDACA Electric Motorbike from Buenos Aires

Old but Gold

Electric Motorbike by Design Students from Buones Aires

sudaca electric motorbike

SUDACA is an urban electric motorbike which emphasizes the integration of electric technology on transports

electric motorbike

All design and engineering was done by a 4 industrial design students
The design was thought for creating a light yet comfortable vehicle keeping in mind its integration with the urban landscape.

The product is complemented with commercial moto parts (ie monoshock) and features high performance LED lighting.

Battery cage holds 3 x 12v lead batteries and the same cage is able to fit a series of more powerful lithium batteries
The motor is in-wheel brushless 0.75kw and may fit up to a 12kw motor

The goal was to create a vehicle that made sense in today’s metropolis using clean energy

This electric motorbike is old news, but where we looked we didnt find any info on Creators. Evnerds allways gives credit to the ones who are the real start behind the project.

That said: follow their behance projects here

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