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SuperNova vehicle open source Ebike and Electric Motorcycle

Open Source Electric vehicles

Open source Ebike and Electric motorcycle concepts that are documented with downloadable files are rare, so we salute SuperNova vehicle company goals!

This open source project aims to build, with the use of technological solutions, a modular chassis platform consisting of three 2-wheel vehicles and frames (Ebike and Electric motorcycle), which promotes riding 2W that are durable, sustainable, customizable, clean and unique.

SuperNova vehicle wants to contribute to transportation and motion while offsetting carbon footprint and, of course, not forgetting style

The models will be released in Open source and all research and development activities will be carried out inside DAMA Academy premises in collaboration with Universities and Research Centres.


Objavljuje Supernova Vehicle26. travnja 2017

SuperNova Vehicle Vision is to create modular variable platform architecture vehicles to enable people, company, and industry to download, customize and ride green 2W with eco-fun

The models will be available and downloadable on their site.

The Ebike / Electric motorcycle model started as a sketch, only later to be built with steel. Battery pack mockup was made with Clay modeling

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Objavljuje Supernova Vehicle8. travnja 2017

Objavljuje Supernova Vehicle8. travnja 2017

DamA Academy // Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition:4.0

Erano tantissimi gli studenti questa mattina all'#educationalday della V Edizione di Maker Faire Rome -The Eu Edition: 4.0.DamA Academy ti aspetta allo Stand C48 (pav.8) con un mock-up in scala 1:1 di una moto Supernova Vehicle, progetto realizzato con gli strumenti della #digitalfabrication che mira a promuovere lo spostamento su veicoli a due ruote duraturi ed #ecosostenibili.Scopri di più:

Objavljuje Dama u 1. prosinca 2017

Please check out these guys on their website ! They are really dedicating their time and efforts to produce this vehicle so anybody can reproduce it later using open source downloadable plans

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