Ultrabike Prototype for Akira bike and Tron Machine Lovers!

Ultrabike is a prototype of an electric pocket-rocket designed and engineered as a proof of concept in Singapore.

“Targeted specifically for those who are young at heart, Ultrabike is what you would only see in Hollywood movies. It is a LightRacer, a carbon framed dual-lever front and rear suspension machine inside a composite aerodynamic fuselage equipped with synchronized LEDs that light up and interact with both rider and track. We believe it will attract new-age enthusiasts and hopefully brighten the path to youth motorsports.

ultron electric motorcycle not full scale
What started off as a Masters thesis on Prototyping three years ago has not ended… the journey continues. Ultrabike will is displayed at the National Design Center. We hope to inspire the spirit of innovation and design with its showcase, especially within the Singapore ‘Maker’ community.” – Adrian Cher from ULTRABIKE

ULTRABIKE Prototype at National Design Center in Singapore

ultrabike electric tron akira looking prototype

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Objavljuje Ultrabike u Srijeda, 6. ožujka 2019.


Wheel cowls opening… beep..beep..beep #makeinsingapore #sginnovations #innovation #adriancher #ultrabike #raceculture #racing #voodoocomms

Objavljuje Ultrabike u Srijeda, 20. veljače 2019.

Ultrabike prototype features explained by Adrian:

“The Ultrabike concept is an E-Formula Race bike. It would be impossible to clear humps or go up and down ramps without the wheel cowls being removed. Also being fully enclosed, it would be a hassle to get to the batteries, motor and transmission. These problems have been dealt with on the Ultrabike. It is a proof of concept that can be applied to a full-size commercial Electric Sports motorcycle.

prototype electric motorcycle

The other challenge was to have a working front suspension and steering system that is enclosed. There is no other motorcycle that has this feature. We have accomplished this using a unique design that allows both steering and damping without any changes in ground clearance of the Aero package.” – Adrian Cher

Under the hood:

prototype electric motorcycle bike motor racing technical
Complex steering system

prototype electric motorcycle bike motor racing technical

prototype electric motorcycle bike motor racing technical

prototype electric motorcycle bike motor racing technical

prototype electric motorcycle bike motor racing technical

We already wrote about creativity in Singapore when we talked about Cafe Racer here. It is awesome to see so many ideas, schools, universities take their part in green transportation revolution. This model is a fully scalable electric motorcycle with fully functional parts and realistic ideas. It is a 3 years of hard work ( Designing, CADing, blueprinting, CNC cutting, sawing, drilling, hand building ) materialized in one single futuristic bike. We love it, and we wish  ULTRABIKE team to continue in pursuit of their vision and creativity!

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