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WAYRA Electric Motorbike Vision from Designer Pablo Baranoff Dorn

We asked Pablo to tell us all there is to know about his electric bike creation

What do you want to know about Wayra electric motorbike? It is a project that came after 2017. Honda Cafe Racer that pushed me to do something without limits, with fresh ideas and styling. The time I had while working on projects for Eastgem company during 2018 was limited, so I finally finished the electric bike concept this year.

Electric Motorbike Idea

Father and I sat down and discussed the idea of Wayra electric motorcycle. I showed him some of my electric motorbike sketches and he was like “WOW, let’s do it!”
During the Cafe Racer design study, I was left speechless by looking at amazing customs bike designs untainted by regular design forms.

electric-motorbike-top-viewMy idea was to show the market and the people that love custom electric bikes something truly new “attention worthy”: my own custom electric bike built from zero. I didn’t go with something futuristic and movie like; instead, I tried to combine a scrambler, a tracker, a cross bike and what the “Cafe Racer Spirit” means to me. I based the bikes geometry on motocross bike proportions.

WAYRA electric motorcycle FRAME

I wanted a big battery and a simple frame that could be built in a small garage. This meant analyzing every frame on the market and types of aluminum material I could work with. Analyzing every angle of this electric motorbike frame welds ended up in the most realistic render of the bike.


WAYRA electric motorcycle DETAILS

Next part was to build my custom leather seat, and of course the rear seat. The first Idea was to make a single rider’s bike, but after some considerations and opinions (good critics and bad ones) I decided to go with a two-seater. It could be helpful to have the second seat for “emergency ride” or “party ride” home.

Leather two-seater

I had to think a lot the belt system, not a chain. I wanted it clean. I spent countless hours thinking about how the belt drive will behave when the suspension system compresses. I had to become an engineering pioneer of my own creation, crazy and hard but bold and fun.
Then I got inspired by Öhlins suspensions, Brembo calipers that were just perfect for this design.

wayra-concept-electric-motorcycle suspension

Colors i like wanted all over the bike are gold, red and black matte.

electric-motorcycleSo I had to create a cylinder to protect the engine also so I could make it perfect for the design.
The last and not least is for me to start button idea. Usually, it’s on the right side with the cool gadgets of the stem, but this bike had to be different. I created a race style system with a transparent cover for it. Small detail made hermetically so that the water or dust wouldn’t get inside.



WAYRA explained by DESIGNER Pablo Baranoff Dorn

Brave electric motorcycle concept explained by the man himself: Pablo Baranoff Dorn

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EvNerds opinion: This is a brave attempt to create something completely different from what we have on the electric motorcycle market today. That is why this concept deserves to be made. Hit like on FB post to push Pablo to do it!

Pablo Baranoff Dorn electric cafe racer made with Eastgem

Pablo Behance profile

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