Chopper Ebike by Russian Engineer

Chopper Ebike

Very cool Chopper Ratbike style

We remember growing up and looking at Russian mathematics book in 3 grade of elementary school. It was 10 times more advance then whatever we were learning.

Thats why Russian engineers and even people who didnt study engineering are still very talented and skilled.

One of those people is a builder from Russia ( Evgeny Vosar )that loves Ebikes and chopppers. He made this.


This is his own project explanation :

I am a co-owner of TP-Garage in Birobidzhan, Russia. Our main activity is repair, restoration, and finalization of cars. Sometimes motorcycles fall into their hands. We take for non-standard orders. I liked the idea of ​ the electric bike. I decided to do it. The idea, design intent and project belong to me. The frame is our own production. The rear wheel with has a transparent acrylic. A stainless steel plug is also made by me personally.

I am a professional welder with a long record of work. So this e-bike was made and assembled with my hands.

The bike is fully functional and convenient to operate. Suitable for unhurried walks around the city.

Acrylic wheels

#tp_garage #weld #welding #биробиджан #wheel

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Rear Wheel Design


This is the link to their Tuning site from the author: Tp-Garage

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