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Cruiser Electric Bikes that u didnt even know they exist

Cruiser electric bikes from Kiev

Kiev Cruiser Electric bikes company – Ludovik Bikes

We saw a lot of Cruiser Electric bikes, but they didn’t leave a mark on us until this bikes.

It was a few years back that we started to follow the development of Ludovik Bike co. prototypes. An electric bikes that hit a sweet spot between cruisers comfort and city efficiency performance.

This company is creating bespoke ebikes for 5 years now, perfecting the details of their Electric bike models. Carefully crafted electric bikes are made by Evgeny Lyudavichyus ( picture-left)

His wife Irene tests his Electric bikes and uses them daily as transportation. Both of them are involved in all kinds of bike and ebike fairs and artist gatherings in Ukraine capital  Kiev.

Cruiser electric bikes

The company has made up to this date around 10 prototypes, and 3 of them caught our eyes

1.For Him – cruiser electric bike

Frame – steel Ludovik Bikes custom
Fork – aluminium Ludovik Bikes custom
– rated power – 700W
– maximum power – 1200W
Battery – 48V, 12A / h LiPO
Brake – hydraulic Avid E1180 / 160
Wheels – 26 “* 2,1
Maximum speed – 52km / h (35km)
Maximum mileage – 60 km (with an average speed of 25km / h).
Full charge time – 6 hours
Controller – with sinus control
Weight – 32 kg

These are some of the previous prototypes, before the final design. And may we say; We like them all!

Vintage design

Custom made front Girder fork

Vintage motorcycle racer look


Final design

2. For Her – cruiser electric bike

Frame – steel Ludovik Bikes custom
Front Fork – steel Ludovik Bikes custom
The motor – 750watt  BaFang middrive motor
The battery – 48V, 12A / h LiFePO4
Brake – hydraulic 180/160
Wheels – 26 “* 2.35
The maximum speed – 49km / h
Maximum mileage – 55 km
Full charge time – 6 hours
Controller – sinus control
Weight – 29 kg

More photos


regram @ebike_eu Big kiss to coolest #Ebike mtb girl @iren_re_ with ebike by @ludovik_bikes ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ If there is a cooler Woman Ebiker , tag her in comments . We really doubt it. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ More on Irene : Irene drives ebikes everyday and tests Ludovik prototypes. Thats Badass ! They can make either Bafang or Cromotor motor inside. . . . _____________________________ follow us on Facebook : Zelenavozila __________________________ ◾️ Follow us on @ebike_eu – – – . . .just ignore the Hastags : . #mtb #mtbpictureoftheday #bicicleta #vélo #bicyclelife #cycle #cycles #velosiped  #californian #california_igers#californialife #californialifestyle #bici #bicis #mountainbike #mountainbikes #downhillbike #cykla #ebike #keirin#fiets #велосипед #велоспорт#自転車#자전거 #motorcycles#hybridbike#bikeswithoutlimit

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3. Locomotive – electric cruiser motorcycle

Not actually an e-bike, it features a unique frame with Cromotor inside with 10 kW of power.

Frame – steel Ludovik Bikes custom
Front Fork – Rock Shox Recon
Saddle – Leather Ludovik Bikes custom
Rear Swingarm – Steel Ludovik Bikes


– nominal power – 4kW
– maximum power – 5.3 kW
Battery – 1.6kW / h
Brake – Hayes Nine Carbon
Wheels – 29 “* 2.1 and 26” * 3.45
Drive – belt drive
Gear change – electronic with servo motor
Maximum speed – 73km / h
Full charge time –  2-2,5 hours
Controller – Adaptto Mini-E
BMS – Adaptto
Weight – 55 kg

For more information go to their FB page

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