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E-Motorcycle and Ebike Concept Designs from Behance and Instagram

The e-motorcycle and ebike concept designs all over the world that impressed us for the last two months were from Behance and Instagram. Behance in 2019. still serves as an endless place of design inspiration with projects from young and older established designers. Instagram’s platform is a second platform where one should look up #ebike or #electricmotorcycle tags for new stuff coming out. Of course, you can also follow the #evnerds hashtag that EvNerds uses for updates in ebike, electric scooter and electric motorcycle world news.


Author: Fabian Breës – from BEHANCE

Fabian took time to explain why he made Pelikan electric bicycle and shares his opinion on ebike concept design and market in 2019. We like his explanation behind the inspiration very much.


Pelikan-ebike design

“Bikes are the greatest transportation invention since the wheel itself. They fascinate me more than any other mode of transport. It’s just baffling that humans have successfully created a type of mobility that is faster, and lighter than running, surprisingly pure and simple in construction…

Fabian included sketches for his Ebike from 2015. to show his thinking process

Because of purity that classic bikes design possess, it took me a while to get used to the thought of an electric bicycle. That sentiment was not helped by the fact that many of the first generation eBikes were merely regular bike frames with battery packs slapped onto the luggage carrier.

ebike-frame-design concept drawings
PELIKAN ebike-frame-design process

Some clunky flange held a mid-drive motor in place and you had yourself an eBike. It took a few years and a few daring manufacturers before eBikes came into their own.

The market began to spawn models of unique shapes and sizes, with beautifully integrated electrical drivetrains. Today the movement seems to curve backward.


Pelikan hub motor design: 25km/h ebike hub motor on the right, and 60 km/h ebike hub motor on the left

As technology grows smaller and smaller, it seems that eBikes are trying very hard to hide the fact that they are electric.

New and clever ways are devised to integrate batteries and motors into the tubing, making the e-bike seem like a regular bicycle.

eBIKE Battery pack designed with intergrated charger and charger cable
Ebike battery design
“It makes little sense to carry around spare batteries in your backpack while riding. Then came a better idea: the Long-Haul Battery! Rather then chaining the same battery pack several times to extend your range, The bike supports two types of batteries: A smaller, elegant pack for commuters and urban cyclists, and a large, rugged battery for the long-distance travelers and speed junkies.”
Long haul ebike concept battery design
Explorations on the bike with the long-haul battery pack equipped.

​The aim of this project is not to criticize that movement, but I had to explore the exact opposite direction. eBikes are their own vehicle category. They might as well look unique. That sentiment was the basis for this project: a unique bicycle with a sculpted body somewhere between motorcycle and bicycle.

Instead of hiding all electronic elements I wanted to use the battery and the motor as visual centerpieces for the bike.

Even though I liked the original design of the bike with its flashy colours and agressive shapes, it would require a different paint-scheme to be used in a city setting. These urban versions of the bike gave me the welcome opportunity to explore a more peaceful colour palette….”

Urban explorer series
Urban explorer ebike design series
Latest design iteration still in making
Fabians latest design iteration still in design process

Please take a look at this project where Fabian explains in more details PELIKAN ebike here on BEHANCE link. Fabian is also one of the designer who worked on NXT Bike.


FX-2 Electric Motorcycle Concept Design by Rice Mak from Husky Design

Electric Motorcycle Design by Rice Mak from Husky Design

This electric motorcycle made by Rice Mak from Husky Design ( Chinese design company ) could become a reality soon. Husky design established themselves as a contract design company for several big brands in China. Rice Mak left noo explanation about component design or performance on Behance. We think that his renders speak his vision clear enough!


e-motorcycle concept

Raijin E-Motorcycle Concept by Matt Tkocz

You may remember Matt’s SASUGA e-motorcycle concept design featured in one of our articles here. EvNerds readers kept sending messages to us how much they like Matt’s work. This new Emotor is pure SF work that you guys asked for!

e-motorcycle concept design by Matt

electric motorcycle concept design by Matt

EMOTOR concept design by Matt

electric motorcycle concept design by Matt

electric motorcycle concept design by Matt

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