Electric bike Concept projects from Coroflot

Electric bike concepts by Coroflot ebike product designers

New and Fresh Ebike concept projects from Coroflot

Electric bike concept projects and other unusual, eccentric ebike designs are popping out each day, as electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular and mainstream. We found some of the new and interesting designs and concepts on Coroflot Portfolio web page. Check it out!

E-Velocipede Concept Electric bike by Sven Rudolph

In cooperation with BASF, RSW has developed the E-Velocipede “Concept 1865”. It is a ready-to-ride prototype with an electric drive and 24 polymer applications, some of which are highly innovative like the bearingless all-plastic pedals made of Ultrason® or the light and punctureproof tires made of Infinergy®.


concept electric bikes

concept electric bikes

concept electric bikes

concept electric bikes

Custom Ebike by Danny Ho

Electric bike design modeled with Modo, with asymetric rear swingarm and Headtube adjustement concept

ebike design

custom ebike

concept ebike

EBike Offroad Concept for Haibike – AlexThusbass together with Lutz Kucher

Alex Thusbass is one of the Haibike bike designers. The first picture is Haibike production bike (Haibike XDURO Nduro PRO – 180mm travel Enduro), second and third is awesome Haibike offroad concept

haibike offroad

haibike offroad

haibike offroad

Electric Bike Concept by Johan Persson

“This is a future concept study not primarily meant for the production line. It’s rather meant as a research project, an examination of ideas in areas such as; new materials, power sources, environmental restraints or possibilities and changes in social structures. All these inputs lead us into new thoughts about our future transport; how will we be traveling, or in this case on what type of vehicles” – Johan Persson

ebike design

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