Greyp bikes introduces G5 HARDTAIL Ebike range on EUROBIKE

Eurobike 2019. Award was something was not something that came out-of-the-blue for Rimac sister company Greyp bikes, they worked for it! The particular ebike that got awarded on Eurobike for design, engineering, and smart features was Greyp G6.2

greyp g6.1 ebike
But Greyp bikes did not let the little man down at all, they introduced the G5 Hardtail with all the same high tech features found in full suspension G Family.

CTO Zvonimir Sučić shared with us his private picture of him and his engineering creation
Greyp Bikes CTO Zvonimir Sučić shared with us his private picture of him and his baby G creation

G5 hardtail emtb range is something that will easily compete with other companies in terms of pricing in EU. A more affordable hardtail price means more competitive market diversity for Greyp Bikes. We are looking forward to Greyp Bikes future where those with smaller pockets will have Mate Rimac hardtail eMtb rockets!


Greyp G5.1 Electric Bike


German companies should make way for Croatians that are passing by them with an industry Oscar: The Eurobike Award!

We need to point out ones again that G6.2 got an Award and G5 hardtail Greyp family is first time introduced today at Eurobike.

Greyp Bikes G5 Hardtail E-bike details


Eurobike G5 electric bike

Eurobike G5 electric bike

Difference between G5 models will be soon on refreshed Greyp bikes site here together with pricing information.

If you are interested in tech behind the product, take a look at what Mate Rimac has to say about it:

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