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STERKA M1 E-bike or E-bike kit / It is up to you to choose

Sterka is a new start-up company focusing on modular and electric transportation. Sterka offers complete E-bike ( $3250 ) or E-bike kit ( $2950 ).

STERKA M1 E-bike

e-bike or e-bike kit

Sterka M1, is a premium, high performance, modular electric bike, which will be available on March 1st. Composed of carbon fiber and aircraft grade alloy, Sterka M1 includes a 350W mid-drive motor, 36V/10Ah battery, 5-speed transmission hub, as well as front and rear hydraulic braking system and shock absorbers. Also, riders having the option to build the bike themselves from a kit of high-quality parts and components or the option to order the bike fully assembled.

Sterka M1 Specs

Dimmensions 178 x 62 x 102 (in cms)

Weight 26 Kg

Additional Features USB Port: 1 x 5V/3A

Cargo 180 x 110 x 20 (in cms)

Delivery Timing 45 – 60 days

Charging Interval 3~4 hrs

Material Carbon Fiber Sheet,
6061 Aluminium Alloy Material

Distance per charge 250 Km

Max Speed 40 km/hr

Motor Type Mid Drive Motor

Power Output 350 w

Battery Lithium Battery, 11.6Ah

E-bike battery space
Battery space

STERKA has grown through word of mouth among the biking community in LA hoping to increase reach to broader markets through online biking communities.

Each bike is made to order, meaning that each bike is manufactured as it is ordered, with a set completed delivery time of 45-60 days after the order is received.

STERKA M1 E-bike kit

Sterka M1 kit is a modular out-of-the-box, build-it-yourself bike kit that requires roughly 3 hours to completely build. Quality materials make for an exciting experience in building your own e-bike.

Sterka M1 – Kit – Sterka M1

This is what STERKA says about their KIT:

Sterka M1 kit is a tinker’s dream allowing you to build your versatile e-bike to handle long-distance commutes, arduous uphill climbs, or commuter riding in under three hours. With the kit, you are able to build your own personal high-performance electric bike from high quality parts and modular components. With durability in mind, Sterka M1 kit comes with custom cut parts that can be swapped out easily, keeping true to the build-it-yourself spirit. Additionally, the future-proof design lets you upgrade e-bike parts in the future. To avoid any trouble with the building process, you use an easy-to-follow guide which makes the M1 an engaging and intuitive experience. With a methodical approach, the M1 can be fully assembled in 3 hours, everything you need comes right out of the box.

Follow the progress or order an E-bike on Sterka website

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