Young Ebike Concept Designer Benjamin Pal

This is a small interview with young French Ebike Concept designer and his opinion on the Ebike industry today. Introducing Benjamin Pal and his Giant, Canyon, Yt Industries Ebike Concepts.

Text in this article is exactly as sent by the designer without any grammar correction etc.. This gives the article a sense of authenticity that we want to keep even if it makes some sentences sound funny.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and where do you work now ?

I am a young French designer of 22 years passionate of a bicycle from the fixed to the fatbike while passing by the e-bike. I can spend nights developing a concept. I just finished school and I’m looking for a job in mountain bike world as a designer.

What were you thinking when you were making Giant ebike concept ?

For the Giant, I took the basics of the classic Reign. I opted for the Shimano steps-8000 because both brands are two Asian market players and longtime players. I do not have many other renderings of ebikes because I do that fast into my studies weeks.

What Ebike concepts did you work on?

The ebike I’m working on right now is the last one I posted on Instagram.

This one took me more time because there is a real development around the centering of the masses and the overall design. I have also others ebike concepts in preparation for an Intense or a Santacruz.


What’s your opinion on the Ebike industry, what would you like to see in the future?

I think the Ebike has a bright future ahead. On the other hand, I deplore the lack of open-mindedness of people who are refractory to Ebike. But I understand them because among Ebike practitioners some break the law with unbridling. My second black spot is at the battery level. I think there is a real systemic problem of battery treatment and more specifically of their transport. An impact damaged Ebike battery is currently not recycled. The problem is the same for transporting batteries to go abroad. I’m thinking right now to fix this problem.

Do you like Full suspension or rigid design when you work on your bikes ? Tell us more about your creative process?

Full suspension for EMtb and rigid for the city bike.

If @canyon does e-mtb, I'd like one like that ! #design #designer #productdesign #productdesigner #designstudent #industrialdesign #emtb #ebike #enduromtb #canyon #canyonbike #electricbike #mtb #enduro #shimano #sram #mavic #ergonbike #dtswiss #ulaval

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At the level of my creative process, I do a lot of technology watch, I read a lot of user comments on social networks and I am inspired by my tests outputs.

I am very versatile, I can not work on bikes for three weeks and work on smartphones. But I always come back to my passion.

If you are interested in Benjamin Pal and his Ebike concept work, catch him on Instagram or Linkedin

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