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11 kW Electric Motorbike PROTOTYPE from TORP

Electric motorbike Startup TORP sent us their first Prototype information. Passionate about technology, mountain biking, and nature, Teo Žikić and Damir Šarčević ( TORP CEOs ) decided to put it all into one company. This company has already built several non-bike related projects that are kept secret for now. Those who love Ducati inspired frame designs will love what Teo and his team did with TM13.

TORP electric motorbike prototype-TM13

electric motorbike

Companies first, fast, lightweight and powerful prototype TM13 packs 11 kW peak power motor with 1,6 kWh removable battery and only 29 Kg of bike weight. At this power levels most e-motorbikes weight a lot more.

electric motorbike with high power electric motor


• 11 kW peak power
• 29 kg with the low center of gravity
• 80 km hard off-road driving range
• 1,6 kWh removable battery
• fully configurable regenerative braking • built-in 2.6 “IPS LCD display

electric motorbike-high-power

TORP did not design a bike with off the shelf parts. They made their own master electronic board that manages BMS, display, logs riding data and talks to your phone.

electric motorbike display

Central e-motorbike display

TORP-electric motorbike-COMPUTER
Remember the logo on 3d printed cover, we will see TORP guys much more often

This is just a prototype, therefore it has no price tag! The production version is on the way and we will reveal all the details very soon.

torp electric motorbike
TM13 electric motorbike near the forgotten factory on the Adriatic coast

Check out TORP bikes website, Instagram and Facebook

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