120 Km/h VOLTA Electric Scooter by Edison Motors

Written by Tony Kalniev

After several years of stealth operations and development, Edison Motors have finally released their ‘Volta’ motorcycle. Edison Motors Company Limited started first with electric formula racing back in 2015, building those tiny quick EV race cars, designed for the fastest 0-100 km/h sprints. When Mr. Nataphat and Mr. Phuripong met at a race track in China, they both understood their Thai background and engineering skills can be combined to start something revolutionary in their home country, Thailand.

They researched different opportunities to collaborate on the rising sales of motorcycles and mopeds in Asia. They founded ‘Edison Motors’ in 2017. together, developing a unique motorcycle scooter with classical attributes and components found off the shelf in the markets.

They knew to common misconceptions of electric motorcycles. Low range, low power, high price tags. They aimed to change all that with their Volta motorcycle. Going through several proofs of concept and prototyping stages, investments and high profile interests joined the team. Currently, they finished their pre-production concept to be presented at the Mobile Expo in Bangkok.

They presently have just signed a major deal with a mobile network provider (DTAC) that wishes to diversify into leasing battery packs to electric motorcycle manufacturers, and Edison is in the process of finishing manufacturing plans with a major motorcycle assembler as well.

VOLTA scooter by Tony Kalniev

Lightshow from Edison Motors caught on Video by Tony Kalniev. We also have great information written about "VOLTA" scooter by Tony too.

Objavljuje EvNerds u Petak, 8. veljače 2019.

edison motors votla pre-production

“VOLTA” design

Looking at the Volta, it has an “old-school” look to it, much like a Vespa. With smooth curved body lines and circular patterns, it definitely sets itself apart in the market. Up front, it has a unique suspension design, with a single shock managing the work, instead of a traditional fork setup.

Front suspension

The same applies in the rear with the rim, sprocket belt drive and brakes combined into the custom made swingarm.

edison motors volta
rear suspension

The battery pack is a square shape placed underneath the feet of the rider, low for the best center of gravity and is removable from the lower side of the motorcycle. Edison mentions that they will redesign this in the future with a dual removable battery pack that will each lift up from the top instead.

Battery pack

The electric drivetrain components are even more intriguing, as the brand names aren’t mentioned. Nevertheless, the specifications speak for themselves. The system is 76V, with a peak power of 10KW brushless motor and 3.4kwh battery pack for the S150 version. This top of the line model is good for a 120 km/h top speed.

electric scooter helmet space
Helmet space

Consumers can opt for a more economical version called the E100 that has a 1.7kwh battery pack mated to a 6kw motor, reaching a top speed of “just” 90 km/h. Prices go for 3,700USD and 2,700USD respectively. To complete this system, they are using a liquid cooled structure for the motor and the 300 amps (!) controller. They mentioned that after many test phases, they have finally optimized the cooling flow to keep temperatures around the 30-35 degrees Celsius. However, this cooling feature does not apply to the battery pack.


Finally, they are developing their own Android connectivity platform, to make sure consumers can check navigation, bike analysis, voice control, and many other features.

edison motors
Android application

Current prices are for reservations and we hope to see more from them as they continue their developments getting closer to real production!

Video Interview with Edison motors company by Tony Kalniev

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