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130kph Sexy electric motorcycle built by Taiwan Master

electric mini electric motorcycle by RCE POWER

Taiwan company RCE Power Builds Sexy Electric motorcycle with Performance to match

Sexy Taiwan mini electric motorcycle is a sight to see with 9 kWh LIPO Battery, CNC machined aluminum frame, 13-inch wheels, flawlessly made carbon parts and speedster electric motor performance up to 130 kph
electric motorcycle electric motorcycle

Controller: Mobipus ( not confirmed )
Battery: 9kWh battery (88.2V/ 120Ah) LiPo (probably A123 – not confirmed)
Range: above 150km per charge.
Custom motor: Made RCE Power. Max performance to be determined
Top speed: 130kph (will be limited at 110kph)
Frame material: State of the art CNC’d aluminum and carbon-fiber
Est. production: 2019

RCE Power plans to hold a mini E-bike GP Race in the future
Rce Power CEO

About RCE power

Their Starter LIPO A123 batteries are top Notch, and that’s why we think they might have used them in this electric motorbike

rce power a123

a123 battery


Their Build started as a regular sketch and a 3d Render

3d electric motorcycle render

3D Electric Motor Simulation

Custom motor with one side shaft for one side rear swingarm mounting. The electric motor has the hollow shaft which helps very much with cooling. And if RCE Power wishes; they can add forced cooling through it

CNC parts

Rear Swingarm


Headtube and other frameparts


Rear Swingarm is a work of art with nice feature

Here we can see 3 phase BLDC electric motor wires going through rear swingarm. Wires are kept under the aluminum cover for safet

Body parts are all perfectly built with carbon fiber

carbon fiber electric motorcycle parts

Leather Seat designed with the lines of Cafe Racers

cafe racer

The electric motorcycle in all its glory with engineer and CEO

Ride and test VIDEO

Since the Video is not shared to public; please check the shared version on our facebook page

Rce power  Website

RCE Power, this little monster is so good that we wish you build 17 or 18-inch wheel version. All the best from EvNerds team. Just continue with developments!

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    • Check the links in Article for updates on this electric motorcycle project. We are also interested, but since the bldc is custom; we think the maker might not want to tell us all the secrets ūüôā

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