Axiis Liion Electric Supermoto is a prototype in making by Axiis company. It is a very nice balanced vision of how electric motorcycle should look and perform. All parts on this setup ( motor, battery space, frame design ) are up for a task of technical characteristics that Axiis company defined in technical parameters datasheet.

Axiis_Liion electric supermoto motorcycle
“The Axiis Liion is the result of several months of work. When we founded Axiis, we did it with the goal of building a trusted brand in the motorcycle world that could later allow us to fulfill our biggest dream: build and commercialize a supermoto.” – AXIIS

Liion Technical Parameterssupermoto technical parameters


100 kW Peak Power
55kW Continuous Power
240 Nm Peak Torque
5200 RPM
200 km/h Limited Top Speed

Battery Pack

11.7 kWh Nominal Capacity
78 kW Maximum Discharge
198 Wh/kg
Water Cooled


Aluminum Bilateral Beam Frame
Aluminum Single-Sided Swingarm


134.1 kg (ready to race)


1429 mm Wheelbase
25.9 Rake Angle
209 mm Front Wheel Travel
190 mm Rear Wheel Travel



Axiis_Liion electric supermoto motorcycle

The parts that we can recognize from the renders are: Slovenian Patented Emrax motor, Brembo brakes, possibly Öhlins rear Shock, rear single sided swing-arm, Controller fixed on aluminum battery holder incorporated into a frame. The aluminum battery space acts as a passive cooling for the controller.

Axiis_Liion electric supermoto motorcycle

single side swingarmAxiis_Liion electric supermoto motorcycle


Axiis Liion Electric Motorcycle Prototyping

electric supermoto frame
chassis and battery box made from a single block of aluminum

electric supermoto motorcycle

cnc electric bike frame

More about Axiis

Axiis company is based in Portugal and makes parts for Supermoto motorcycles with burning passion. Companies priority is quality, design, and uniqueness of products while aiming to impact the motorcycle world through a brand of premium products.

We like the companies efforts, the design details on the rear swingarm, and the components used for the prototype. We expect a lot more from this company in the future!

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