The brutally aggressive design of ovaobike CT-X electric scooter is followed by a zippy performance of the proven ovaobike drivetrain used on MCR electric motorcycles.

CT-X is the second-fastest in the line-up, 3 Km/h short of 148 Km/h ( 91,9 mph ) that MCR-S achieves in TURBO mode.

A powerful 8,5 kW mid-motor electric motor ( 15 kW peak ) with 279 Nm will be enough to dominate the urban streets in style with single-side siwngarm!

CT-X electric scooter by ovaobike
Copyright: EvNerds 2021 / EICMA 2021. / OVAOBIKE CT-X

We love the exposed parts of the frame, and it reminds us a bit of Italjet Dragster, but ovaobike takes the image of the scooter to another level with incredible front and rear LED lights that just look fantastic and futuristic.

Copyright: EvNerds 2021 / EICMA 2021. / OVAOBIKE CT-X
ovaobike rear tailight

Copyright: EvNerds 2021 / EICMA 2021. / OVAOBIKE CT-X

Features that make us drool: Belt drive, engine power, a water-cooling system for motor and controller, suspension design, TFT screen, front and rear LED lights, helmet storage space, keyless system, 3 hours charging, 14-inch wheels with nice fat tires from Maxxis!

ovaobike CT-X Electric Scooter Technical Specifications

OVAOBIKE CT-X SPECIFICATIONSThis electric scooter’s appearance is sporty and leaves a lot of space for the legs and hand movement for steering comfort. CT-X has 3,2 kWh battery under the hood. You have to remember that this e-scooter is in the prototype phase. It was shown on EICMA 2021. only a few days ago, and battery specifications might change on customers’ demand.

tft screen of ovaobike ct-x

We hope for a slightly bigger battery, because if driving this thing is as good as its looks; it will take a bigger battery to keep that smile on the face for driving more than 80 Km without recharging!

We need higher quality, design and specs like this to give e-scooters justice in high performance category!

Way to go ovaobike!

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