Carbogatto is one of the most elegant electric motorcycles ever

Very elegant electric motorcycle

Carbogatto is one of the worlds most elegant Electric motorcycle

Carbogatto Carbon electric motorcycle design separates itself from the other electric motorcycle designs by its distinguished look and tasteful minimalistic details

carbogatto electric motorcycle
All electric motorcycle components finish in a curvy organic way. They end as a beginning of another frame element.

carbogatto_electric_motorcycle seat

For example, the seat of this electric motorcycle bike is designed to be a part of the main frame design. The seat comes inside the frame design and looks as if its only laid over the upper tube. The front Girder fork also extended itself on head tube to frame with as less as possible angles.

All efforts are made to remove unnecessary components and to give it organic design look. Luxurious carbon fiber design, wooden seat, CNC aluminum girder front fork and rear swingarm are fitted together to give a sporty but elegant look. This kind of design details are essential for high priced Electric motorcycles and Ebikes. Aldo, we would like in the near future for Carbogatto company to add pedals and to make this Electric motorcycle an Ebike, we still appreciate this one of a kind design.

Carbogatto electric motorcycle vision drawings and renders


Carbogatto electric motorcycle CNC and other aluminium and Carbon parts


Carbogatto electric motorcycle is planned to go into production in 2018. and these are the photos of Prototype


electric motorcycle

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