CRF-e electric motorcycle and Interview with Sketch Coleman from Hubsink

Sketch Coleman and his DIY electric motorcycle

CRF-e Build and Interview with Sketch Coleman from Hubsink Company

So you probably heard about Sketch Coleman if you wanted to cool off your Hub Motor bike. This guy has an awesome engineering solution to everyday hub motor cooling problems (HubSink),  great looking and performing Diy ebikes and he is frickin fun performer at Bombsquad.

His newest addition skill level achivement is Diy electric motorcycle called CRF-E. Its a 54Kw electric motorcycle



Performance: 0-100 2.4s

Donor frame: Crf250X frame – road registered, Engineering in progress

POWER: Capable of 54,000W, with 750 NM at the wheels

WEIGHT:115KG weight

CONTROLLER: Mobipus 72600 controller running 600 batt, 800 Phase amps (Boostable to 1000A)

BATTERY: 92V Lipo capable of 1200A Peaks from Chris Jones

THROTTLE: Domino Throttle

MOTOR: Custom M Force Motor with upgraded magnets

SPROCKETS (GEARING): 72T Rear sprocket with either 11,12,13,14T front depending on track


520 Xring chain

Radiator & water cooling system & race lines

17” talon supermoto rims

7” dash tablet for tuning and gauges

10A dc-dc converter for 12V system 1000A contactor

We asked Sketch Coleman couple of questions about his electric motorcycle build

Can you tell us more about yourself and how does the electric sound from your music combine with your passion for Electric vehicles (electric motorcycles)? How did you get from Bombs Away into the EVs field?

I’ve always been chasing better performance from cars or bikes and whatever I can get my hands on, so when I first started building electric bikes I was super impressed with the torque available on-tap and really wanted to explore how far I could take it, it started escalating when I developed HubSinks to solve the overheating problems in performance electric bicycle hub motors, once the heating problem was solved there was so much more power available I really caught the bug, and decided to up scale it up and build an electric race bike.


I actually think I discovered music through electronics and building things in my bedroom, and took an interest in Djing from there so its all related.

You have probably been asked this several times. Dahh…why did you build this, ain’t cheaper to buy a finished bike? Whats the best answer to those guys that don’t get that making something yourself is beyond buying?

I think it comes back to the performance side of things, turn-key bikes are starting to become available but they need to be user friendly and ready to ride, so they are often de-tuned and much much less powerful than something built with that in mind so nothing like this really exists to purchase at the moment, a few people have contacted me about building one of them so we’ll see how that pans out too, maybe a performance-garage version is on the cards

Did you make all by yourself, or you had help from the EV community?

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in an amazing forum Endless Sphere where I’ve met a heap of extremely talented guys and am still learning every day, hundreds of people have contributed directly or indirectly to the project but some notable mentions are, Matt Eklom who worked with me on the design and machining of the motor mounts, Chris Jones who is the man behind Voltron built the raw battery modules themselves, Michael Flynn who did the fabrication for the alu batt boxes, sourced a lot of the bike parts, Jay Hyena helped my sort, my initial controllers, Sam Dekok helped source the powertrain, Kurt Ackfield was the workshop assistant almost the whole build, Rebel gears did the custom sprockets, Daren Crigler was always on hand for advice, Ronny Showman inspired the extended chain guide to handle the massive sprocket and plenty more!

Are you hitting the streets with that beast, or you carefully placed it the center of your room just to look at it? Will you race with it? If yes, where?

It’s fully designed and engineered to NCOP14 specs so it will be road registered and used as a daily rider, as well as racing on the track in 2018 in Queensland Australia, the next step now is getting it dialed in on track.


Whats the biggest problem you faced building this bike?

The hardest part of the build was that everything had to be fabricated or machined to suit, I actually ended up buying a CNC machine and learning to use to make some of the parts, we blew a couple of controllers during tuning, and dealing with such high current causing induction noise was challenging to get sorted but overall it came together as planned, fitting everything into a frame that wasn’t designed for it was probably the cause of most of the challenges though.


electric motorcycle dashboard

Whats the most satisfying moment you had with this bike?

There’s nothing like the first ride at full power, after a week of testing, turning it up and opening the throttle, feeling it pull your arms off and keep powering all the way with no gears is such a unique feeling, the EV grin has been permanent since then, the bike definitely has to be respected though, without the engine noise we’re all used to, before you know it you’re going much faster than you expected.

If this was a film and the bike was the first episode; what is episode 2 going to look like? Planning another build or its fun time now and who cares about what happens next? ( we didnt know that Sketch really is making DIY build diary at Youtube)

Haha, next episode is dialing the bike in on the race track and taking on the petrol bikes at their own game!

CRF-e electric motorcycle preview video

Sketch Coleman also made a series of videos documenting his Diy electric motorcycle build. Check it out here:



Thank you, Sketch Coleman, for your time and all pictures and videos you sent to us! Wish to see more of your stuff so don’t stop doing what ya doing

If you cant get enough of this electric motorcycle this is the place to go



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