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Today Curtiss motorcycles company ( EX Confederate motorcycles ) revealed their new Curtiss V-Twin WARHAWK motorcycle. It’s not electric, but it’s the latest Curtiss motorcycle.

As you know 5.5.2018. Curtiss motorcycles will reveal their highly anticipated electric motorcycle HERCULES ( Not sure if Curtiss will go with Hercules or also Warhawk for the name )made with Zero motorcycles electric drivetrain. Well, we might just have a big SPOILER for you EvNerds.

Curtiss motorcycles have made a video about their new Brand and you can see the director of design Jordan Cornille sketching the bike. At one point in the video, a dozen of drawings are shown one after the other in few seconds.

What we can know from this drawings is that Warhawk was probably originally planned to be electric ( The sketch is absolutely awesome )

p40 warhawk

two coupled electric motors on the back near the rear swingarm.

And we can also get more than general idea on what future CURTISS electric motorcycle will look like

First take a look at the details on REVEAL photos from Instagram by Curtiss motorcycles

Keep an eye on the front fork and details on the top picture. And the one below shows Zero motorcycles double electric motors just before the rear swingarm

WARHAWK #curtissmotorcycles #skysthelimit #warhawk

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And the last Teaser!

Latest Curtiss motorcycles teaser released today

Now take a look at the extracted electric motorcycle drawings from the video. Take your pick! 🙂 All of the concepts are fantastic and we must say that we are in love with what Jordan Cornille is doing at Curtiss motorcycles

All images were extracted from a video that belongs to Curtiss motorcycles. No information from this article is confirmed by Curtiss motorcycles. Please take a look at official site for more information

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