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Custom Electric Motorcycle build by Shan Roy

pure awesomeness

Custom Electric Motorcycle

You remember our freshmen Shan Roy from this article. We said ” he did it like a pro” when he made a cool unique custom electric motorcycle. We were astonished by the work he has done alone with limited budget! Well, now he built electric motorcycle that any EV company would be proud of. The components he chose are ideal for this bike: HPM5000 air cooled motor, 72v battery. All together this turns into 5kw continuous and 7 kW peak electric motorcycle. He only had help from Nick Giambruno. Nick helped him weld properly the frame parts

3d electric motorcycle design
another view
Adjustable rear seat is also a rear fender

Some led design to make the bike look more rad or sinister if you will

Shan Roy with his fresh electric motorcycle

Share this article and give a word to the world about Shan Roy. Shan Roy is a freshman, we want you to get him a job before he finishes the education!

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