EBMX WORX Stinger Bike – Sur-Ron should take some notes!

15 kW EBMX Worx Stinger Bike – Better than NEW SUR-RON Light Bee 2.0!

EvNerds reached out to EBMX company to check out their heavily modded Sur-Ron electric motorcycle built by Australian company EBMX and Bruno Poweeer!

There are many awesome Sur-ron mods in the world, but EBMX Stinger changed the original Light Bee geometry to something much better and more relevant to MX world. New 2023. Sur-Ron bike fixes some of the problems with the old Light Bee geometry – It’s great that they did that, but it does not look even close to what EBMX made for MX adrenaline seekers.

surron 2.0 light bee 2023.
Leaked picture of Sur-Ron 2.0 / The new Sur-Ron 2.0 is something bike between the Sur-Ron X and Storm Bee in terms of geometry design and power.

We were so impressed by the Stinger Worx bike, that we asked the EBMX company to film a comparison between STINGER, STORM BEE, and LIGHT BEE X electric motorcycles.

EBMX STINGER WORX Bike Compared to STORM BEE and Light Bee X


Interview with Australian EBMX company

What have you changed on your Sur-Ron X bike to get to EBMX STINGER ?

Almost all parts of the OEM bike changed. The Frame and Motor have been at this stage left alone.

This particular WORX build increases the OEM SurRon Light bee ride height and bars by 5 inches to a similar height as a 450 dirt bike, with the Wheels, seat extenders, and optional modded seat; adding those 5 inches.

ebmx worx stinger bikeThe wheelbase is now longer and extended to just over 1300mm with our EBMX Extended Swingarm and the weight of the WORX Stinger is now sitting at around 73kg.

Suspension front Forks can be Marzocchi Bomber B58’s, Fox 40 Factory, or the more expensive BOS Obysy 42. We are also working on our own EBMX Front fork that will be heavier like a proper moto fork.

The rear shock is an MX and not MTB grade and is made by YSS and commissioned exclusively for EBMX and with our own rear linkage and dog bone it beefs things up considerably.

The Power system we run on WORX is currently our ASI BAC8000 Bruno Power 15kw tuned… to match OEM Surron Motor and our EBMX high power batteries .. the 72v 57ah Battery is best and provides 4.1kw hours and up to real-life 6 hours of trail riding.

Our EBMX App allows riders to fine-tune phase amps and regen etc. of course…

What is the connection between MaddWill Racing Team and EBMX?

We have had a lot of interest in these bikes from all over the world and now the big news of course is that MaddWill Racing team led by Robbie Maddison is riding the EBMX Worx Stinger in the FIM E Explorer World Cup Race Series.

The first test race before the 2023 season kicks off  this week in Lyon France and our EBMX team from Australia and Europe will be there supporting the riders: Robbie and Sandra!

EvNerds team thanks everybody from EBMX for this incredible showcase of the bike. Special thanks to a friend and OG of EVs Bruno Poweeer and Nic from EBMX for taking the time to film all this!

If you want to check out all the goodies ( custom batteries, custom seat extenders, shocks ) EBMX has for Sur-Ron, check out this link!

Follow Bruno Poweer for more videos like this one on his crazy YouTube channel!

Interview with electric vehicles influencer – Bruno Bari Buccianti

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