Electric Motorbike NXT Rage Officially launched

Electric motorbike NXT RAGE is officially launched! Electric Motorcycles News is going to visit the Motorbeurs 2019. in Utrecht tomorrow on February 15th. Our partner EMN promised to send us the photos from the show, so stay tuned

What we know so far about NXT RAGE electric motorbike

The naked electric motorbike concept offers the best alternative for frequent commuting. This shows through the ultimate combination of sportive riding with a comfortable drive position, but without compromising on enjoying your recreational rides. 100% electric for 100% of the time.

The gearless, electric drive train offers high performance and direct availability of torque, which results in a dynamic driving style. Thanks to the single piece handlebar, you will not want to stop riding due to the comfy driving position.

As weekends offer the possibility of a different type of ride compared to daily commuting, you won’t be disappointed when tearing through the bends during your next exploring trip.

NXT RAGE electric motorbike comes in a two-seater configuration. Dual front brakes offer perfect control over the motorcycle. LED headlight clears the way ahead of you for a safe ride.


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