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Electric Motorcycle Ethec Built By Zurich Students Offers 400 km Range

Bigger companies better hurry up, students are crushing you!

Its great to see another electric motorcycle built by students, that can compete and offer more than many mass-produced electric motorcycles!

Ethec electric motorcycle video and introduction to Zurich university

The focus projects at ETH Zurich gives students a unique opportunity to experience the complete development of a product.

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From the first draft to the technical engineering, design, production, and marketing, the students manage the whole process alone. The required knowledge and the necessary skills are acquired through self-study, lectures and, most importantly, the dialogue with experts from the industry, student advisors, and professors.

Wir freuen uns euch unser Projekt & Team vorstellen zu dürfen:Wir sind ein Team aus 16 Studenten und 5 Betreuern der…

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The Ethec team is made up of 13 mechanical and 1 electrical engineering students from ETH Zurich and 2 industrial design students from the Zurich University of the Arts.

Whats so special about Ethec electric motorcycle?

1. Battery Storage

Battery Structure: Structure of battery including two modules from 1260 Lithium-ion-cells. In view, the regular arrayed circuit boards and perfectly placed temperature sensors, which control the cooling system precisely

“Energy storages have limited capacities. Because of that, many electric motorcycles have a relatively short range. With our newly developed technologies, we want to use the available energy more efficiently and open new possibilities in the world of modern mobility.-ETHEC TEAM”

2. Double Hub Wheel Regenerative Braking Innovation

“While braking approximately 75 % of the energy are dissipated on the front wheel and thus lost on a conventional motorcycle. That is why ethec is integrating for the first time worldwide a front wheel-hub motor. This additional engine can be used to recuperate braking energy and obtain higher efficiency, safety, and a superior overall driving experience. The lithium-ion battery, consisting of 1260 cells, is kept at its ideal operating temperature by a thermo-electrical cooling system. ethec created a reliable and impressive power source by combining a low-maintenance cooling system and a direct-cooling oil stream around all cells.-ETHEC TEAM

3. Unique Monobody Design


“The monobody is the base of the whole motorcycle design. It is modelled following the shape of a human body. The headlight, attached to the collar, is a key visual element and characterizes the head of the design. The prominent expansion of the shoulders gives the motorcycles’ front view a powerful look. The slim seat represents the waist in front of the broadening rear, which finalizes the shape of the monobody. The whole monobody is kept flat and leaning to the front, thus underlining the dynamic appearance of the motorcycle even at standstill.- ETHEC TEAM”

4. ETHEC Battery cooling system and BMS

Battery Cooling: Battery cooling system with fan, pumps, a peltier element and an expansion tank. For a durable and powerful battery an efficient cooling is required. An air circuit discharges the heat from the oil circuit with the help of peltier elements. The oil circuit directly flows around the battery cells.

Battery Managment System: The battery management system’s function is the monitoring and controlling of the battery. The BMS gathers all relevant information about the battery cell like for example the state of charge, temperature and health of the cell. With this, the BMS controls the cooling as well as the charging and discharging of each battery cell.

5. ETHEC braking lever

Recuperation: The integrated inductive sensor allows a precise determination of the angle of the braking lever. Thanks to this information, a gradually increasing recuperation on both wheels can get activated. Should this braking force tracing back to the recuperation not be enough, automatically patched in mechanical disc brakes increase the applied braking force.



Lithium-ion technology
-400 km range
-15 kWh capacity
-optimized lifespan achieved through the integration of an active and -passive oil cooling
-continuous monitoring of the cell temperature and the cell voltage

Electronics & Motors:

-wheel hub motors
-22 kW continuous power
-up to 50 kW peak power
-high voltage interlock for security
-fast-charging techniques (charging time approximately one hour)
-variable recuperation


Mechanics, Design & Packaging:

-tube frame for a low weight
-fairing made of carbon-fiber-enforced plastic
-girder fork allows geometry optimization
-stereo swingarm at the back is a proven design
-entire user-interface through a display

Girder front fork


She is driving ????

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It is hard to summarize all that it is done on Zurich university, so follow their team on FB

Ethec project has a nice website with explanations on all their components here

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