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Electric Motorcycles News has been busy gathering information about Harley Davidson electric motorcycle concepts, electric wheelchair RIDE-E and other stories around the globe. We are sharing our TOP 4 partner’s news. When you want to read full story, just click on the link.

Harley Davidson lightweight electric motorcycles

Harley Davidson electric motorcycle

Matt Levatich, CEO of Harley Davidson, announced a few days ago that new electric motorcycles are being designed for the future. “In this changing world” he said, “we are designing lightweight electric vehicles to appeal to young adults, living in urban environments”. These new electric vehicles will be….. Read more on link

Fast and innovative electric wheelchair RID-e


Rid-e is a combination of a stable, robust chassis with a comfortable anatomic sports seat and powerful electric drive. Thanks to its thoroughly thought-out design, this latest addition to the segment of electric wheelchairs is an ideal transport vehicle for various needs in everyday life as well as free time activities… Read more on link

Saroléa Manx7 | The ultimate electric super bike

manx electric motorcycle

Almost a year to the day that Saroléa competed in its fourth Isle of Man TT in a row with their SP7 race machine and their development rider Dean Harrison, the decision was made to build a road legal version of the bike – based on the racebike’s technology….Read more on link

Riding the Johammer at the Electric Night Ride in Paris


A few weeks ago we were contacted by Gert-Jan Rongen (from Electric Motorbikes in The Netherlands) with the question if we were interested to ride with their team to the Electric Night Ride #3. “You can use my Johammer”, he said. An offer I couldn’t refuse …Read more on link

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