Electric Motorcycles News Website

An overview of electric motorcycles all over the world

Electric Motorcycles News Website brings you an overview of electric motorcycles all over the world

Electric Motorcycles News is a new informational website about electric motorcycles. It’s a Belgian non-commercial initiative to present a realistic overview of existing electric motorcycles today and some future projects.

Electric motorcycles news is a personal initiative from Guy Salens to inform you about electric motorcycles, electric scooters and some pedelecs. Our world is changing very fast and I was curious what kind of bikes are existing today and what the future will bring. There is a whole new market out there … new opportunities for investors, designers & engineers. The website is updated regularly.

“I am not a journalist or a motor-connoisseur,” explains Guy. “Other people have claimed these titles. I am just passionate about motorcycles. And some day, when we run out of fuel we’ll need to be prepared. It’s time. Are you ready?”

supports Electric motorcycles news because they are our partner in making EVs more closer to consumers and to general public interested in electric vehicle developments

Their articles subjects go from Eicma and other fairs to newest stuff on the market and people behind it. Click on the TITLES to Check out Latest Stories on Electric Motorcycles news site

Electric motorcycles news Arcimoto SRK Fun Utility Vehicle


Electric motorcycles news The Schwalbe L3e has a new heartbeat


Torrot Velocipedo unveiled at Eicma 2017


Evoke Urban Classic at EICMA 2017

evoke urban

Nuuk | a new and visionary alternative in electric motorcycling


EICMA 2017 first day

EICMA 2017 2nd day

Check this and many more on Electric motorcycle news

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