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Electric Triumph – concept sketch

As more of the big name manufacturers create plans to join the electric trend, Triumph has announced their TE-1 project to develop an e-moto powertrain, but we have yet to see any concepts for potential vehicle designs. This sketch is one take on what a familiar, but electric, model could look like from the brand known for their modern classic offerings.

Based largely off of the Street Twin chassis with a Thruxton front end, this concept could be a direction for Triumph to join the electric arena without designing an entirely new vehicle from the ground up. Much of their existing supply chain for the mechanical side of the bike could be reused, with new design and tooling primarily addressing the electric drive system. Another (less lofty) idea for this concept – it could just be a starting point for a bespoke electric conversion for anyone with a woefully decommissioned bike. This rough layout could apply to many of Triumph’s modern frames that share similar architecture and engine mounting style.

The hollowed out tank form maintains the familiar feel of a Triumph, along with aluminum side plates that sport their subtle, but recognizable knee cut-outs for a comfortable place to squeeze your legs. The battery pack, located as low on the frame as possible, pushes the bike’s center of mass close to the ground for a stable and similar weight distribution to that of a gas bike. The motor controller, mounted prominently under the tank form, would receive ample airflow for passive cooling along its finned body. The motor and battery would be liquid cooled, circulating up through a front-mounted radiator, with a reservoir located under the motor to allow for easy draining of fluid upon replacement.

Is it possible that adding an electric option to your lineup doesn’t always need to mean an entirely new vehicle engineering effort? Plus, are there potential customers out there that don’t want the futuristic aesthetic that seems to be coming standard-issue with many electric motorcycles? Think about the existing Triumph rider who has been growing curious about electric options – they’ve even gone as far as taking a Zero test ride. But, maybe they haven’t made the leap yet because they love the look and feel of the Bonneville they’ve been riding for the past 10 years and just aren’t ready to give that up, despite all the upsides of going electric.

What do you think? Would you like to see this as a production offering from Triumph? Or, would you prefer to see them launch an entirely new layout with more futuristic styling?

You can follow @nicknieminen on Instagram for more upcoming e-moto concepts and physical builds.

You should also check out @omega.motors to see a groovy conversion of a 1975 CB200. The build is almost complete – final photos to be released soon!

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