ETRAN KRAF Electric Motorcycle from Thailand

All of us at EvNerds feel like Electric Motorcycles production and other EV sectors are about to explode in Thailand.


We had Anastasia that wrote about regulatory issues concerning of import-export and EV usability in the Thailand market, and we think that Thailand will not wait to stand behind the worlds electric vehicle production.

Small companies like ETRAN are the best example of companies taking a stand and making some serious developments in Thailands electric vehicle market. In just one and a half year they went from ETRAN KRAF model on the first picture, to the one we are about to show you now with the investment form Thailand PTT company.

ETRAN KRAF 1,5 YEAR AGOnews report here

etran kraf

ETRAN KRAF electric motorcycle now with the support of PTT

The bike will cost 2280 USD


thailand electric vehicles etran electric motorcycle

The company said that about 3,000 electric motorcycles are so far being ordered. ETRAN KRAF electric motorcycles cost will be about Bt70,000 per unit ( 2280 USD )to gain the commercial sales volume benefit.

Wittawat Svasti-Xuto, chief technology, and engineering officer said that PTT’s involvement in electric motorcycles follows the group’s support of Thai startup ETRAN, which is a designer and developer of electric motorcycles, to test the market.

etran-electric-motorcycle-from-thailand2Image owner is Thailand website here

“The investment in the electric motorcycle business is in line with PTT’s strategy to invest in the electricity value chain,” he said.


Etran KRAF is perfect combination of electric vehicle technology and cafe motorbike style.The bike comes with 7000 watt hub motor (175 Nm ), LiMnO4 40 Ah battery and a 72v system voltage. We are not quite convinced in 72v 40 ah battery range of 180 Km on 75 Km/h speed but we will wait until we comment more!

The bike extra features are:

Quick Charger

etran hybrid charger

Fast charge Battery Type LiMnO4 with EQuick charge Technology. For the first time, with the IEC 62196 Type 2 charger that supports a power supply up to 20A + it can also be charged from an 8A home power system.

Long Lasting Battery

180 km per charge at avg speed 75 km/h


electric motorcycle dashboard

0-100 km/h in 5.2 sec , Top speed 130 km/h with Turbo mode

If you liked the news but you want to know more, use google translator and check out ETRANS website here and here. There is also a website that we got some pictures from, and that website is right here

Take this news with a grain of salt since language barriers were a bit too much for us so we are not 100 percent sure in all the facts.

UPDATE 09.09.2019.

It seems that the pricing for this model on the picture is changed to 4895 USD

Yesterday we posted the story of Thailand ETRAN electric motorcycle and today we got new pictures form the reveal event!…

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