Etran Thailand start-up company releases new electric motorcycles

ETRAN Cafe racer motorcycle and ETRAN PROM electric scooter

ETRAN Thailand Start-up electric vehicle company introduces two electric motorcycle models

ETRAN (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a Thailand start-up company providing the innovative transportation solution for 100% EV, from electric vehicle development, charging station network solution, to energy management solution including smart grid.

Today is the first day of Thailand Motor Expo 2017  called IMPACT CHALLENGER. First time that ETRAN will Launch its ETRAN PROM and ETRAN KRAF.

1. ETRAN KRAF caffe racer electric motorcycle

They just released new photos of their ETRAN electric cafe racer that looks like a Vintage kick ass scooter with a little of that Steampunk touch

2. ETRAN PROM electric scooter

Thailand cities have high traffic and this scooter is a two-person electric scooter. Other information is in the video. For now, this is the new product and we will definitely follow ETRAN success


Find more about them here

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