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EvNerds Visited TARFORM Electric Scrambler and Electric Cafe Racer Event in Brooklyn

Tarform Electric Scrambler and Electric Cafe racer motorcycles are going to disrupt the electric vehicle and electric motorcycle industry.

A perfect combination of vintage motorcycle design and new technologies came to life yesterday at TARFORM unveil event in Brooklyn ( New Lab – 19 Morris Ave,Brooklyn, NY 11205 )

New Lab is located inside of historic Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 128—a century-old former shipbuilding machine shop with a lengthy history as an important site for manufacturing and innovation

We were lucky enough to have our e-bike builders Michael Borrero and Leo Levy document the Tarform event for us. Nothing beats the e-bike and electric motorcycle builders as EV newsman ( more about the photo and video authors at the end of this article). Knowledgable EvNerds took some great photos and interesting details for us!

Michael Borrero and Leo Levy at Tarform event

The Electric Scrambler and Electric Cafe racer was designed by the company’s CEO and co-founder, Taras Kravtchouk.We wrote about it here.

The Bikes were presented by Jean-Christian “JC”, Tarform advisor and entrepreneur from New York city.

Michael Borrero on the right and “JC” on the left

The Electric Scrambler and Electric Cafe Racer Unviel


Two Tarform bikes hidden

Tarfrom electric motorcycles mechanical parts are covered with minimalistic body lines that truly capture old vintage motorcycle form. The Spirit of Scrambler and Cafe racers lives in Tarform electric motorcycles designs. The image of motorcycle and motorcycling is changing among younger generations, so Tarfrom team set down to create a new riding experience combined with modern looks and modern technology. Clean technology and master craftsmanship helped Tarform to design all components themselves. The integration of computer vision and artificial intelligence has the ability to warn the rider of any potential danger. With additive manufacturing and 3d printing biodegradable materials, they are able to minimize waste, create custom parts faster and take a step closer to green mobility!

LEFT: Electric Scrambler RIGHT: Electric Cafe Racer

Many well-known motorcycle companies are struggling to get the electric motorcycles design right. So much more design space is left to experiment with where the large gas motor would be. This is where TARFORM design team shows their real superpowers!

Both of these bikes are so DOPE, that we are going to say that this is the best electric motorcycle design in 2018. so far! – EvNerds News Team

The TARFORM team had no problems going 100% in design. They have created something amazing that will become a collector’s item dream!

Our EvNerds Michael Borrero and Leo Levy took this great detailed images:

The Electric Scrambler

Specifications for Electric Scrambler were not given on the event. Battery and motor power is yet to be revealed. We are sure that the technical specifications will not disappoint us in the future, because we peaked a little bit inside the components.



Very cool led lights at Scramblers tail
electric scrambler seat
Nice wide and comfy seat
it appears that this a Zero motorcycles motor. This is not confirmed information so do not quote us.
Motorcycle cooling design detail on the body features TARFORM LOGO
Tarform motorcycles display
Tarform motorcycles handlebar cool display
Vintage headlamp with led lights
Vintage headlamp with led lights
Photography by Ryan Handt

The Electric Cafe Racer

The Scrambler and Cafe racer share the same technical geometry design and components with the exception of rear suspension design, the front visor, and tires. These are small details, but big enough for a new model.The Cafe racer looks AMAZING!!

Soon we are going to publish a video from the event so stay tuned!


Michael Borrero and Leo Levy are enthusiastic well known NYC high power e-bike builders and designers that build fast electric bikes and motorcycles using only high quality components.

So how do you come to event like this? Well, with your custom built ebikes!



This report would not be possible without Michael Borrero and Leo Levy. Check their links for awesome e-bikes and learn some new things:

FACEBOOK PAGE,Fb group, Instagram

The Tarform motorcycles website

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